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#TravelTips | Lake Plitvice, Croatia.

My nature wonderland.

Warning, this entry will be photo* heavy.
*Click HERE to check-out more of Lake Plitvice photosI have also uploaded my Bosnia and Herzegovina photos, feel free to check it out.

I remembered the first time I saw this lake on the internet that went viral and the news was that it is located in Kedah, excited like giler I was (obviously bukan kat Kedah lah kan, penTIPU giler viral tuh). Despite that I am not much of an outdoor person (selective activity obviously), with a view like Lake Plitvice, even a Puteri Lilin would risk their beauty and spend a day hiking here. Seriously. Kid you not. Sumpah!

Research upon research I did. Not. 
Basically I only google on the entrance fee and tips, and for the rest of the info on how to get there etc, I ask the hotel how best - cheapest and fastest. After all, locals should know better mah... Smart huh!

As usual, I did not prebook my bus ticket nor entrance fee which kinda works well for us as we had some problem earlier whereby we have to tweak our schedule. Due to our kiasu-ness, we went to the bus station half an hour earlier to purchase our bus tickets (this option is only valid during low season), this way we can survey the price as well as the departure time.

#TravelTips 1 : I paid 180KN and the entrance fee fluctuates base on season. Plan well and check on this link to estimate your travel budget/cost.

#TravelTips 2 : Avoid tourist bus timing! Please plan well and try to arrive before 11am, apparently that is when the tour buses arrive and start their tour. Arriving at the same time or after means you will not be able to get decent photos, it will be too crowded for photo opportunity or even to walk peacefully and enjoy the scenery.

#TravelTips 3 : Journey time: 2 hours or so with 1 quickie stop (for my bus at least). Cost us 99KN p/person p/way and the price varies slightly base on bus operator. Click here for bus timetable and cost.

#TravelTips 4 : There is also a money changer at this bus station, you can change your Euro dollar to Kuna here.

#TravelTips 5 : You can buy the entrance ticket at the counter (ask for direction) and they accept both cash and credit card.

Once you get your ticket, you have few options on the routes that you wish to take, there are about 8 routes for you to choose and the journey takes you from 2-3 hours to maximum of 6-8 hours. We took 'C' Route as that is the shortest, quickest and it took us to the upper lake which covers most of the stuff we wanted to see. Perfecto!

And this includes a 10 mins boat ride. Yippee!!!

#TravelTips 6 : Clean your bowel before you start your hike, there is no toilet for the next 2 hours or so. Sila bertabah.

#TravelTips 7 : Bring a bottle of water and some snack for you to enjoy while feasting yourself with the scenery.

#TravelTips 8 : There is no dustbin until you reach the tram stop (2 hours or so hike), hence do bring a plastic bag to dump all your rubbish. 

Somehow this view reminded me of Royal Belum in Malaysia. 

At this point I was a bit disappointed of the option we took ('C' Route). I kept thinking of the dollars I paid for versus the 'claimed' view (180KN kot!), furthermore the guide specifically said that this is the shortest route and you covered almost everything you want to see (or should I say whatever they displayed over the internet). Dengan ke-emo-an yang jitu bercampur sumpahan demi sumpahan ku sambungkan juga perjalanan 180KN ku.

But the frustration was cut short by the view we saw few mins after the walk... yang becok pun boleh speechless kot.

How should I even begin to describe the view, the water, the bridge, the green.... nak terjun boleh? At this point, I was rather confuse, should I use my camera or handphone, or both?!? (Show off itu harus di sini, else tak sah! Kutuk lah, I peduli apa kan. Muahahhahahhahah <<-- evil laugh)

Oh! Worry not, this is not the only view that left you speechless. Yang suka bercakap tuh, patut datang sini bertapa whatnot. Best dari ashram kot. Hahhahahhaa.....

#TravelTips 9 : Friendly reminder. Wear good hiking or walking shoes. Despite there is no climbing required but trust me, the walk itself is kinda tiring for lazy bum like moi.

I was in full gear - sneakers, track bottom, t-shirt and all. My water bottle and snacks were in the bag. Masa nak tangkap gambar, rambut kengkonon lepas nak melawa (nada perasan disini), lepas habis bergambar - toncit queen lah, apa lagi kaaaaan.

Subhanallah. Beautiful sight.

This is precisely what I meant as of to why one should come before the tourists arrive, you'll have the whole nature to yourself. I was practically skipping and singing the whole way. (Perempuan itu bukan saya)

As you can see, it is rather impossible to get your shoes dirty, the park really takes care of your well being. Path that is covered with mud will be planked for us to comfortably walk.

#Traveltips 10 : You can strike one UNESCO sight off your list.

Water came from out of no where and everywhere, you are walking on water practically or most of the time. MasyaAllah... 

And the waterfall is everywhere at every corner.

The day that we visited Lake Plitvice, the Lower Lake was flooded. At certain areas, the water level at Upper Lake rose at the same level as the boardwalk. 

One of the quieter boardwalk. 

Some of the boardwalk extended overland as well. 

At one of the highest point.

I stared at this view for awhile, trying to find the water source of this waterfall. It was majestic and amazing, I have to say this whole hike left me speechless numerous times. Never have I enjoyed my hiking trip as much as this (despite the fact that I was forever confuse on whether to use my camera or handphone to take these photos).

Once you set foot at Lake Plitvice, nothing else you see will ever compare to this.

Do not worry, as I said earlier, there are places for you to do your little or big 'business', have proper meal, restaurants, information centre etc near the tram station. 

Tram Stop.

Inside the tram.

#TravelTips 11 : For those who wishes to stay near Lake Plitvice, there are a few towns that offer hostels and guesthouses at reasonable price (more applicable for self-drive trip). And if you were to stay within this area, try to experience the lake at sunset too, I heard it is beautiful.

#TravelTips 12 : Upon arriving at the lake in the morning, go to the counter at the bus stop and ask the bus timing and purchase a return ticket (assuming you did not buy a return ticket earlier). You do not want to miss the last bus. Tempat ni jauh giler ok.

#TravelTips 13 : There is a bus that depart at 1pm or so (from Split, if not mistaken), for those press for time, you can take this option. Double check upon purchasing the bus ticket at the bus station OR at the Lake Plitvice bus stop.

Hope the above info is helpful.


Ann said...

woww...cantikkknye!!terus spechless kan..

SomethingAboutFlowers said...

Mesmerised !!!! Tatau nak cakap apa dahhh .. So wanna go dis place .. Safe not for solo ladies, uolls ???

syieda said...

Lily...tq so much!
In my wishlist oredi.

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