Monday, December 12, 2016

Jogjakarta | The uniqueness of Omah Kecebong

This is one of the most unique places we visited, I wish we have something similar in Malaysia. Or perhaps we do buy am not aware (please invite me for review yea ).

Omah Kecebong is an all-in-one concept of a traditional attraction, encompassing guesthouse, dining, bullcart, batik craft, grass pupper, traditional dances and many more. Situated just 7km from Jogjqkarta city, Omah Kecebong is surrounded with horticultural garden and scenic landscape. Aside from experiencing local delicacies and staying in their local architecture/decorated guesshouse, one can also venture into outdoor activities lava tour & downhill cycling, gerobag (bull cart) ride, horticultural garden and etc. Not only that, try your hand at some local craft for example ‘wayang suket’, batik Jogja and literature slam night.

Bull Cart Ride
The bull cart ride takes guest from Omah Kecebong passing through green rice field, villages and rural area. Guests get to learn on agricultural produce and local crops from local farmers, their traditional way of planting and harvesting crops such as: rice, beans, corn, chilies and etc.

Wayang Suket
Similar to 'wayang kulit' or shadow puppet, grass puppet or 'wayang suket' made famous and originated from Tegal in Central Java by the renowned Slamet Gundono; a dalang or puppet master that revolutionized the art of puppeteer, specifically grass puppet.

'The puppets are named after the material used to make them, which is grass, or suket in Javanese. The types of grass shaped into the different figures are usually teki (sedge grass), gajah (elephant grass), or mendhong (mat-making grass).' - Credit to The Jakarta Post

Batik Jogja
Jogja batik is known for their base colour which is usually white, black, and brown colors and the way tjanting batik are done (drawn using hot wax) by hand, bird, animal or even human form are the common patterns used. This traditional technique form a category of its own called batik tulis (hand drawn batik). Where else the modern version is called batik cap (batik print/stamp) to cater for large scale production.

2009 marks the years when UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

For more information on Omah Kecebong, click HERE.

Phone: 0817 0290 771

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