Monday, January 2, 2017

All about pastries in Krakow, Poland

I never knew that Poland has such a wide spread of pastries choice and I don't even have time to try them all. So I did the next best thing I know how, I decided to post all the pictures in my blog so that if I ever do a repeat (of which I know I will), I can easily refer to it and sample them. Pandai tak? *wink*

So here are those temptatious pastries.

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My favourite, bought it a few times.

There's more but I was to shy to kept snapping them pictures. Hehheheee.....

Oh yah! The exchange rate at that point of time was 1:1 hence I shop like crazy lah.

1 comment:

Uliana said...

I also didn't expect that there so many desserts in Poland! And all the possible variations of sernik *_*

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