Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ramadhan Galore in Perak

From buka puasa (iftar) food to Raya food. Food and Malaysia berpisah tiada (till death do us part). Hence I don’t think words or description for this entry are required, I rather you enjoy the visual and remember the venues as it might be your (food) hunting ground for next Ramadhan/Raya *wink*.

Have you been to Kuala Kangsar Bazaar Ramadhan?

The offering there is crazy cool such as multi-flavoured donuts and giant murtabak (no photo on the rest of the 'juadah' as my hand is full carrying them yummeh food for iftar), among others. I truly believe the locals here have a secret regime work-out, reason being, despite all these food options, most of them look healthy and fit (and thin too). Kuala Kangsarian, what's your secret huh?

Buka Puasa/Iftar venue in Ipoh

Once a hostel for orphanage under BAKIP, this refurbished premise in the compound of Kompleks Badan Khidmat Islam Perak is now THUMB'S Cafe, a fusion Malay-Western cuisine  cafe served at a reasonable price with delicious menu options. Somewhat a hispter cafe, Thumb's is popular among Instagrammers and photographers as the kampung ambience with travelogue decor fit the current market craze.

No. 133, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 7am onwards for breakfast, 5pm – 1am for dinner, close on Monday

Kacang and muruku for Raya

Do you know the story behind Kampung Kacang Putih in Ipoh, Perak?
Back in 1920s, 10 people from India started a small business selling kacang putih. They settled near a limestone hill in Gunung Cheroh, of which in 1970s part of the hill collapsed killing about 40 residents there.The state government relocated them to Buntong for safety reason and there, their business flourished till now.

There are approximately 120 type nuts and crackers being sold here, the popular ones are kerepek ubi pedas, omapodi, muruku bintang, muruku kari, kacang tanah kari, kacang telur and kacang susu.

Raya with Rendang Tok

The famous Perakian rendang tok was once served to only royalty is now available in supermarkets and selected outlets. Started their rendang business in 1985, Shariffudin Mohamed uses the original recipe handed down by his beloved mother Allahyarhamah Nafsiah Yeop Abdullah (Mak Nik) and has since marketed it to Brunei, Middle East and a few other countries.

Have you been or tried all these places/food?

Perak World of Wonders -- Ramadhan Edition 2017 Media Fam Trip are organised by Tourism Malaysia with #GayaTravel as media coordinator respectively.

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