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5 must experience cable car and train ride in Switzerland

Excited giler hokkay! The first timing riding on the first open top cable car in the world, first time riding the steepest cogwheel train, first time on UNESCO heritage rail and many more first times. If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, make sure to include these in your trip and experience your ‘firsts’ too.

1. Stanserhorn CabriO Cableway & Funicular Railway

I was jumping with joy (literally) the day I rode this double decker open top cable car. I mean I saw this a couple of times on social media before and guess what - I get to ride 🥰 THE Stanserhorn's CabriO cableway & funicular railway (macam orang hilang akal pun ada 😂🤣😂)! The view on this 2 rides were simply amazing and is my CURRENT favourite... yang ni you guys memang kena cuba/naik! Kalau tak nyesal nanti.

You may as why am I amazed and excited right?
Well, it being double deck and open top is already the plus point.
The funicular trail ride view is simply breathtaking. Zikir tak habis-habis masa naik, MashaAllah…lawa sangat-sangat.

The technology is impressive especially the part when you go thru the to steel tower (usually it will rattle and jer but this one – SMOOTH. Take a look at this video wo seewhat I mean. There's a restaurant on top, a walking trail and a souvenir shop. You need approximately 1-2hrs minimum for the whole activities (including lepak time), also depending on the queue as well lah.

2. Mount Pilatus Cogwheel Train and Cable Car

Another new experience for me is being able to ride on the world’s STEEPEST COGWHEEL railway that goes up to the Mount Pilatus. It hit the maximum gradient of 48% and made its first trip back in 1889. This was scary yet I was in awe, because 48% steepness is nothing compared to Penang Hill train ride yah… this is another level altogether.

Similar to CabriO, you can also do an easy hike of of 7.7km long which takes you 1151m uphill and approximately 100m downhill. This call hike take between 3-4 hours long depending on your speed lah. It starts from valley of Eigenthal and ends on Pilatus Kulm and do take note that hiking at Mount Pilatus is very steep and hikers have to be swindle-free.

3. Mount Rigi Cogwheel Railway 

I also experienced riding the Mount Rigi Cogwheel Railway - the first cogwheel train in continental Europe that started way back in 1871. This railway experience is slightly different in my humble opinion, perhaps because of the little village on Rigi Kulm itself that gave a more country and local feel (I am definitely gonna plan a one night stay here in my future trip). You get to see locals doing their daily chores while greeting you.

Ticket to Rigi Kulm is CHF45/€47 return, and there might be a discounted fair if you were to purchase it online so do check. Oh yah! There are also small hotels here, you can also opt to stay a night and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Check-out photos and videos HERE

Things to do in Rigi Kulm are :
1. Lunch
2. Village walk
3. Hiking
4. Photography

4. Brusio Spiral Viaduct

When Jamie and Dana said whether they are gonna skip lunch and experience the Brusio spiral viaduct, I immediately told them I wanna join! If you noticed in this video, as you reach Brusio the viaduct spiral downwards overlooking a lush greenery in the centre, at the side is a quaint village where you can experience ‘train-surfing’ while sipping a glass of coffee.

Opened in 1908, this spiral viaduct and the rest of the route was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. Sit at the LAST coach for you to see the train coiling the viaduct.
2. You can actually do a quick to/fro trip if you are not on this route BUT have a Swiss Travel Pass.
3. We stop at Campo Cologno after spiralling down.
4. And took the next train back.
5. Get on a coach that you can open the windows for better photos/videos.
6. No left or right seat preference for me (inner will be better kot) as both have interesting views.

5. Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes (UNESCO) 

Achievement unlock!
And this time around it is the railway line from Thusis to Tirano = UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
This scenic route covers 196 bridges, through 55 tunnels that include a 136-metre-long viaduct near Filisur, ending the ride at Brusio circular viaduct. If you are a UNESCO hunter like moi and absolutely love train rides and scenery then this is a train ride that is not to be missed. The UNESCO recognition is given due to the outstandingtechnical, architectural and environmental ensemble and embodies architecturaland civil engineering achievements, in harmony with the landscapes throughwhich they pass. Source : UNESCO site 

And I couldn’t agree more with the above statement, one has to experience the journey to appreciate the recognition.

The Switzerland 2022 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Switzerland in partnership with all its sponsors.

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