Thursday, January 4, 2024

The serenity of Costa Serena

I believe this might just be one of the biggest Costa Cruise that I ever experienced.

I went on a few cruises before this, amd many short cruise trips (4d3n) and one long ones as well (10d9n). I guess love transportation so much so that I even took the ferry from South Island to North Island in New Zealand (to x fly was easier but NOOOOO). Also taken ferries; jumping from one Greek island to another. Of course then there's the ferry ride from Stockholm to Tallinn - coldest one ever (traveled in Scandi in Dec, big time stupid move).

Cruise is one of my favourite ride aside from train journey, and being able to experience another Costa cruise is thrilling as each ship has different theme making it special. The only one thing that was the same was Alan, my darling maƮtre d' (and because he remembered from Costa Romantica trip half a decade ago - one of those small little things that makes this trip meaningful).

As usual in all cruises, the all day dining are the ones that makes me feel like I need to diet for at least a month (or mebbe two). I know, I know... I should use the gym or pool or even the running track to 'throw' the food I've been consuming but one must remember that - it is after all a holiday. Like 'what exercise?'... I am so not exercising.

Of course we dined at one of fancy schmancy Casanova Restaurant where the lobster meal was pure seafood orgasm. Everything in the course meal was great. I was advise one to at least try a fancy meal when on a cruise trip, splurge abit (or for one meal, you deserve it).

I have to admit, this was the only cruise I went to that I actually watched the shows/performance, and I simply LOVE IT! Thank you Miera for dragging me out of the comfy bed, no regrets. And also thank you for insisting me to watch the singing performance, love that too! I felt that the song selection was meant for me, serious!

I also found out that the Islamic Cruise participants were also onboard. Having join 2 of their trips before, I came to realised (upon comparing Islamic Cruise and other travel agency/organiser during this trip) thatthe management was professional. Why do I say this? Well... This is because I approached the organiser and 'self invited' to attend 3 of their activities - the Maghrib prayers, Konsert Terapung as well as one of their daily briefings. Based on my observation, their itinerary is pack yet it was comfortable ie not tight to a point you suffocate but easy/sufficient enough for you to have ample time to enjoy the ship.

I was especially in awe during the disembarkation briefing for Phuket. It was clear, crisp and firm, hence I don't see the Islamic Cruise participants gotten lost or going around asking 'nak gi mana (where should we go)' or 'macam mana (how to...)' adn etc. Affirmating their direction/location/venue they're heading-yes, but they are definitely not lost.

As for halal food, buffet kitchen has been sertu-ed by them so no worries for the Muslims participants.

Hence, if your family members are interesting to join the Islamic Cruise onboard Costa Serena, I highly encourage as they will be enlighten with the kuliahs as well as making new friends.

Aside from the hiccup during the embarkation (I heard that the cruise before us delayed in their departure resulting to our cruise unable to dork on time), everything else was great. However, I do hope the Port Klang authority able to manage this better in the future, plus the terminal waiting area needs abit of an upgrade (my personal opinion).

So, where should we go next?

The Costa Cruise 2024 Trip is organized by Costa Cruises.

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