Monday, July 27, 2009

Sinking Venice

City of Water

I bet none of us know that Venice historically was once an independent nation. Right? Right! Right! Regardless whether it is known as known as "City of Water", "City of Bridges" or "The City of Light", one must agree that undoubtedly Venice is one of the most beautiful city built by man.

Yeah yeah… 118 islands, 177 canals, 400 bridges, water everywhere, a city that sinking fast, really; imagine in another 10 years time, what will become of Venice by then. Sigh….

Oh! Funny! I know! I know! Hahahhaa…. Upon arrival, we stop by this quaint café for a drink. We placed our order as asked to, drinks arrived, drank happily, the bill came, cost a BOMB ofcoz, we walked out of café and saw a signage…. The cost of drink standing versus sitting is different!! Speechless beyond words!! What else, but to burst out laughing….HAHAHHAA…. From then on, every time I travel to Europe, I will check on the signage, is there a “sitting” or “drinking” cost :-P

We walked around San Marco square, the tour guide told the history of the St Mark Basilica; made famous my its architecture & mosaics. We saw Bridge of Sighs, as the name suggest -prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice out the window before being taken down to their cell. Sad huh….

3 things that I bought in Venice foir no apparent reason, I believe it is called IMPULSE purchase. But no regrets here…. :)

Dolphin pendant - Still have it and still using it.

Silk scarf - Seriously don’t know why I buy but at the end, everyone loves it.

Green Murano Watch - I fell in love with its “flowers” unfortunately it’s spoilt now. Anyone going??? Help me buy one!

Result = HAPPY :D

Credits : Wikipedia, The Find & BBC

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