Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My last Italian Job!

NOOO!!!! Its not robbery, but nanny-ing instead and yah! In Italy, mind you!

Our coach drove for a few hours from Venice – way up north to Sorrento – way down south. A very scenic route indeed, we cross the Napoli mountains with snow top (this is the city that is synonymous with pizza!) , pass by Pompeii (yup! The city that got swept by Volcano ashes) AND saw Mount Vesuvius from afar (still active and it was regarded by the Greeks and Romans as being sacred to the hero and demigod Hercules). Now I understand when people say : it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Agree! Very enriching!

We were day-dreaming while listening to Mambo No5 during the journey, as the coach maneuver around the hills and going thru a tunnel; that was when I caught a glimpse of Bay of Naples from higher grown, the view was MAGICAL & MYSTICAL.

Our coach zig-zagged down the hills to the town, we stopped at an old mansion where we end up staying. We realized that there wasn’t anyone at the front counter to receive us, nor was there any sign of other staying guest. We called out for attention and a gentleman came out from one of the doors at the lobby which shocked us off our skin. Once our check-in cleared, we carried our bags up, we turned the door knob and heard a squeaking sound, we saw the sheer white balcony curtain was moving blown by the wind. We tip-toed in the room, checking whether everything was A-ok, ended up, it is. Suspense neh… No kidding, this actually happened, we were kinda of panic back then.

History says that Sorrento was built on top of 2 cities that were swept away by Mount Vesuvius volcano (twice). We went to the site that show the “stacking” cities – AWESOME. Basically the current city is being built on a “grave yard” (that explained the eerie feeling, hehehee….).

If you ever heard of Isle of Capri, then this is THE port where you start your mystical & awesome journey. When I was a kid (am not that old yet), I recalled there was a 90s TV show tittled 'The Lifestyle Of Rich & Famous', I am always in awe of the places they aired, and one of it is Isle Of Capri, thus you can imagine my joy knowing it's so near within my reach. I was excited thinking that I might be able to step foot on this isle but nooooooooo we didn’t. Sigh…. Sob Sob…

Well, I guess… I need to do a sequel huh…

Credits : Wikipedia & Italian Visits

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