Sunday, January 10, 2010

Disneyland HK - Where Dreams Come True

Day 2 (24th December 2009). Wakey. Wakey. It’s time for Minnie & Mickey.

Hemmm... strange how so suddenly am out of ideas to blog, I find this weird as I never have NO IDEA to talk...ehehheh shouldn’t this go hand-in-hand. Anywaysss… I will still try to finish this trip’s blog and hopefully my train of thought still choo-choo-ing and my mood & style still maintain the momentum.

This is my 3rd trip to HK (the first 2 was with company) thus am more or less know what to do/expect as well as knowledge of Hongkies culture (which helped a lot so to speak). On 2nd day we have nothing much planned except DISNEY DISNEY and more DISNEY! I "entrust" both my sis and my nephew (Danny or Dani) to enquire from the MTR on howabout to get there, it's pretty easy in HK as they only have that few lines unlike some other big cities ie London & Paris (PENGSAN!!!!). By the way, Danny kept "volunteering" to do the enquiring, I thought "hemm..., senang kerja", aside from the fact them kept asking how to say "how much does this cost in Canto", they tested their skill a few times and resulted to the 7-11 lady replying in full long sentences in Canto, and they KANTOI, hahhha…..

I think I say this for those who have been to Disneyland before this, the excitement starts when you saw the Disney train from Sunny Bay, you know this is for definite a DISNEY DAY. Yup! It’s all M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E awww…….. We snap pics like nobodies’ business, and mind you; this is only the train, we haven’t even reached the theme park. Hahhahaha….. No worries, we were not alone, so many others did the same.

Let me start by telling you that we took every single thing we see that amuses us, include people's shoes…. Seriously! This happens everywhere, even at the point where we took a “trip” to the wash room. And ofcos, my sis and her new colorful shoe was not spared… and obviously she gladfully AND gleeeeefully allowed and asked her to take her pics (yup! I created a monster!).

Aaahhh…. Then there’s the classic pics in front of the entrance, I believed it’s a must have pics… all with diff style, mood, angle…. And me? Taking pics for them lar.

Not to forget, the sock & shoe girl! Cute huh!


Prime and first target - Main Street USA. Snap-whatever-you-can-see, be as silly as possible so that your album won’t look boring was our aim. We definitely had our fun there.

Since we were there, we kinda surveyed what to bring home as a souvenir… oh boy! That wasn’t easy, I must say. I wanted a STITCH something… but what!??!?! Hem… Uni Armi already know what she wants, how about me…??

Decided… well… Danny and my sis actually decided to attack Tomorrowland first, tried this ride which I forgetten the name as well as my all time favourite - SPACE MOUNTAIN. And me, well… Uni Armi and me decides to chill out with a drink on our left hand and popcorn on our right… sigh…. And ofcos took great pics with little blue Stitch.

Am such a kid at heart which I think those that knows me well would definitely agree, and this is my heartfelt recommendation. MUST MUST MUST go to see “It’s A Small World”…. somehow it will make you sing-a-long and be happy! By the way, love the centre pic of Danny and his mom, CHARMING!

Heheh… they wanted to try the Teacup next, all I can say is DIZZY! DIZZY! Kau buat ku berpusing, berpusing pusing, macam gasing gasing.

We also tried the PhilharMagic, a 3D thingy….love it! You’ll get the breeze, the water sprinkling, and the object coming to life… just like Shrek 3D. An yah! You need to wear the funny glasses.

Amazon time!!! You might get wet! Errr… I do sometimes, wonder what’s up with my sis… public pooh pooh??!?

The last show that we manage to catch was The Lion King… I have always ABSOLUTELY LOVE LION KING, love the song, music score, the story line, the humour… basically everything lar… one of the must watch sequel is the 1 ½… or was it 2 ½… hemm… anyways…. It’s hilarious as it shows WHY everyone bowed to Simba, apparently Pumba farted, thus causing one of the animal to faint, and the rest thought he was bowing hence everyone bows…hahahhaha…. Go watch!

We waited for the Christmas Light and small/short fireworks before walking back to Main Street USA where we supposedly to regroup.

Well…. We waited a long while for Tina before she decided to stay back for the 9pm fireworks, we snap some silly photos during that period. Then took our Mickey train back to Jordon.

Tired. Nighty-nite.

It's a world of laughter, a world or tears
Its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
There’s so much that we share, that its time we're aware
Its a small world after all

Hyperlink Credits : WIkipedia, HK Disneyland, 7-11, MTR


Liudmila said...

What a beautiful place! It seems to be similar to the Gardaland in Italy. We were there all day and did not see everything!

MKL said...

Lily Riani in Disneyland: Marvellous! Those glasses are so cute!

How could you sleep in the train, while clinging to that pole? I admire you for that :P

Lily Riani said...


gardaland? hemm... must google and check it out. been to italy but dont remember this place though... thus... italy must be revisited. :D

Lily Riani said...


thanks. it's a skill during photo session only am afraid...ehehe.... i cant be asleep as i need to make sure we get down at the right train. having said that, i sleep walk before... its scary what you can do while sleeping.

fufu said...

yeah hk disneyland... i have been there twice already... friend of mine is working i was brought in FOC... will go there if i go to hk again :) and the weather was nice for you... good!! hihihi

Lily Riani said...

fufu, got it for free.....awww... ENVY!!!! my next target will be Tokyo Disneyland and ofcos the unique DISNEYSEA! Tips please...

Shingo T said...

The Stitch hat is cute! ^_^

manglish said...

cute hat..hahha i went to the tokyo one last yr

Lily Riani said...


i know!!!! wanted to buy, but couldnt find meself an excuse on when to wear... sigh.


i envy you!!!! am suppose to go tokyo on 18dec but couldnt get a flight... my target this yr - JAPAN!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Lily Riani said...


gee thanks! trying hard to find the flare... i hope it helps travelers as well as entertain them :p

you too keep commenting, its the only way i can brush up my so called skill.... ahhaha

happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Oit, mana amik duit eh? asyik travel je - jeles makcik!! -rad

Lily Riani said...


kutu?!!??!?! ahhahahha... bonus babe! n overdue claims n hard work recognition.... def didnt drop from sky lar (as i daily wish). jom ler jejalan sesama.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Aw, now you have me craving a trip to Disney!

Lily Riani said...

Cottage Cheese,

Am going to ChiangMai & Bangkok end this mth, let me the decor and architecture there... you go crazy, and its cheap.

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