Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Blabs

Here we go again.

I really suck at doing this HOWEVER I would like to attempt it for goodness knows why… sajalar… so many version I noticed while surf, everyone have their own style, but generally and mostly would be the ups and downs, the past & future, bad and good, etc etc etc… hemm… which lead me thinking, how should mine be. Should I be putting thoughts and thoughts and more thoughts on this, hemm...sounds like a lot of work on my 2 weeks mandatory leave. Argh…. Not worth the afford! You know what? Am just gonna blab, whatever that comes to my mind in no particular order, regardless of the good, the bad, past, present, ups or down… just write lar…. I won’t critically judge myself maa...(as I might be stressed out over it, ehheheee…).

Now that I’ve more or less figure out, where should I start right?! Shucks! There was a GOOD reason I don’t write opinions and thought on my blog… too complicated (pemalas is the right word, just say it Lily - LAZY! Haahaha).

Here goes...

1.a. Changing my National car to an Asia car (haahahaha….), placed an order2 weeks back (I think, oh well! little details), meaning I have to allocate monthly installment dollar which also means lesser saving for traveling. SIGH!

b. Contradiction - Since I can’t be traveling far, have start planning for Cuti-cuti Malaysia, in fact am starting with Malacca this Saturday, followed by Sabah, I foresee Penang, Perak, Kelantan is coming VERY soon. No wild horses stopping me!

2a. Due to economy downturn, I told myself to cut down on shopping… have been really obedient on this ie ta pau lunch daily (am a very simple person on food really), this has helped to save a lot.

b. Bought myself a Coach handbag on my recent trip to HK, bought a car, went on a few trips, hemmm…. Did I say I was trying to save? I guess I forgot to indicate saving for “what”… :p

3. Helping and accompanying a friend by attending a talk on an online business, she was adamant to be go "global" and not wanting to be “katak di bawah tempurung” thus “she and hubby will go ahead” regardless of us girls (my friend and I) not that “convinced” on it.

b. End up my dear friend and myself was “forced” to pay 1/3 each of the cost (few RM thousands) as she said, IF us girls disagree which why did we not STRONGLY OBJECT. Hemm… I thought it was a weird statement as her earlier statement was “I don’t know about you girls, but my hubby and me is going ahead”. How to object strongly lar, for we were not part of the plan from beginning. Sigh… lesson learnt.

4a. Traveled to so many places around the world or at least 1 country per continent.

b. Never even sightsee Malaysia EAST COAST, EAST Malaysia nor Makkah for that matter. Need to relook on my 3 years plan. NAUGHTY LILY!

5. Getting the hang on my new job role, ain’t easy but proud to try my level best (this sounds like my performance review standard answer, so tak original).

6. To encourage my nieces and nephews to get higher score and behave well and be a good human being. In return, reward the “successful achiever” a trip (need to save more lar pulak).

7. Can’t wait for my sis to complete her studies, lesser dollars paying for her for traveling to accompany me (YEAY!).

8. HIGHLY ENCOURAGE sis to do summer school (university) in Thailand or some other cheaper country so that she can gain experience, I can’t afford Ang Mo country wor… SOWWY!

9. Be a nicer and charitable person and be more forgiving person too. And try to forget once forgiven…. This is a tough one.

10. Perpetual problem - LOOSE the god damn weight! Use to be prettier….sigh… age catching up! Hahhaha.... PERASAN!

11. :p Pay credit card on time, being busy is not an excuse! I mean, everyone is busy too maa… ngam mou!

12. Pick up a fourth language! Jap should be good!?! Moshi moshi! Sayonara?!

13. Attended agama class at aunt’s house - very proud! Hehhehe… perasan! AGAIN!

14. Made effort to do more roadtrips/holidays with family - Morib, Bukit Tinggi, Hong Kong…. :D

15. Eat out less, cook more. I can cook a mean dish kay! Only that…. Am lazy!

16a. Promised to behave during any travel.

b. Tore my ligament and meniscus during a holiday photo shoot, rushed back from Penang to KL, went for RM10k operation, on crutches for 1 months, limping for 2 months. This happens in March 2009. So much for behaving.

c. Lesson learnt? Not much, still went for New Zealand trip (view blog here). Well…. Actually, was kinder to my knee, was supposed to be a trip to Greece and Istanbul but I figure it will be too much climbing, switch it to NZ (EXCUSES LILY!).

17. Stop blabbing, start doing!

Till the next entry….



manglish said...

waaaaaaaa u damn rich lar can travel, buy coach bag now want to change car some more hahhahaahahh a very happy new year indeed hahhaaha

Lily Riani said...


coach at factory outlet in hk, cheap leh...veru old design somemore. as for car, cheapest car from japan, cant afford more then that.

Shingo T said...

Asia car = Japanese car. That's the first thing that comes to my mind.

It's not easy to forget. The harder you try to forget, the more you will recall. My advice? Don't try to forget. Just think of something else.

I'm still working on my 3rd language and you are working on the fourth. Nice!

Love your wordy entries, as with your travel pics entries. Keep it up, Lily!

fufu said...

wow you have so many to do huuh for 2010? anyway all the best... asian car = korean or jpnese one right? good luck... work hard and save harder for the coming travelling... ops eastcoast is damn nice... you gotta explore thoroughly... i only been to kuantan :) hihihihi

Lily Riani said...


Yup! Jap car alwight. Hhehehe....

I agree, just let it go, if I try to forget, meanas am remembering it... WEIRD HUH!

Hahhaha... still trying to find a class.... else I prob join my sis in Korean session.

Gee. Thanks for liking my blog!


Liudmila said...

Hope all your dreams become reality and you will have all the possibilities to visit those interesting places and -what is most important- you will tell about them to us!
All the best to you!

Lily Riani said...


yup! asian - more like jap car..ehehehhe better resell value here. will save more to travel more... targeting eastcoast this year.... hemm... have a nice new year.

Lily Riani said...


thanks for your wishes. plan to try to visit more "foreign" country ie south america, but not much taker though...sigh... been using ur site as inspiration... keep it up.

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