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Day 1 | Things To Do In Taiping - Taiping Lake Garden (Part 1)

As you can read in #TravelholicAwesome Blackout Day entry and teaser, we did a short trip to Taiping - Bandar Warisan (I didn't even know Taiping was named Bandar Warisan, do you? Doink Lily!). And the best thing is that we manage to gather almost the full #TravelholicAwesome gang + Dan Arif, a first timer joining our roadtrip. Hope he "accepted" us crazy-lunatics-travel blogger as it is (seadanye ler kan), kiterang memang giler giler sikit. Hahhaha...

Before I start with my story, let me share our simple and sempoi itinerary. Since there's so many activities happening in between, I will be stretching this trip into few parts/entries. I promise you, it will be "insightful", silly & fun. *pinky promise* *wink*

Here's the itinerary for our 2D1N trip to Taiping :

Day 1
Late Morning - Depart from KL (breakfast in Santai, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, they have the tastiest Laksa Johor)
Noon - Stop in Tapah (Janggel's home) for lunch (Janggel's mom cooks the yummiest dish)
Afternoon - Arrive Taiping Lake for photo shot
Late Noon - Visit Matang Mangrove at Kuala Sepetang (snacking at Mak Jah delicious Mee Udang)
Evening - Check-in into Mesra Home Stay
Night - Dinner at Pak Ian Sate

Day 2
Late Morning - Visit Pak Zubir's coal factory (in-house/packed breakfast)
Noon -Air Batu Campur (shredded ice drink)
Afternoon - Depart to Kuala Kangsar (Lunch at Laksa Pokok Limau, Kuala Kangsar)
Late Noon - Visit Masjid Ubudiah & Istana Kenangan
Evening - Shop for nuts, muruku and crackers in Ipoh
Night - Dinner Ulu Bernam R&R and head home - KL

We started the trip on a gloomy Saturday morning, after being delayed by Masnona of Kaki Jalan blog (you so gonna belanja us makan). The original plan was to pick her up from her house in Ipoh after/at lunch, instead she drove in wee hour Saturday morning to KL so that  don't miss any gossips in our car enroute to Taiping. Cam tuh pun boleh, kiasu gilos ok! Hahhaha.... I can't blame her, we are fun and lovable to begin with. Blueekkk..

While waiting for Masnona, Chawanna team kept sms-ing and calling us checking on our whereabout as we have overshot our time. Yeah! We had a mission, our mission was to...... surprise teenage blogger Icam of Si Pengembara Tumpangan. We concocted  this master-super-great-out-of-this-world plan (boleh percaya ke nih?) >>> we supposed to visit Chawanna half way and act "surprise bumping" into them PLUS Chawanna suppose to "kidnap" Icam from Ipoh (Chawanna is the sister to Icam so you know) to an "unplan" trip to Taiping with NO overnight clothes (meaning it HE will be full monty-ing the next day, notty us!). Full of drama us gang, with ad-hoc-impromptu-plan :)

Knowing very well we will be very very much delayed, we MAKE SURE we did not hurry up! Whatever for right? Alang alang maa.....  Hhahahhaha..... so, we headed to Tapah in a Gary-maner for some tasty home-cook meal and perform our solat before heading to Taiping (credit to Janggel's mom whom happens to be the best caterer in Tapah - siap promote tuh). We were served with sweet sour fish, spicy fried chicken, chilli prawn, prawn and pineapple in coconut mild plus last but not least TOM YAM! Thanks Janggel & mommy!!!

After our tummy was well fed ie it stop growling and grumbling; we continued our journey to Taiping.

While driving further up north, this signage made me laugh NON-STOP! IPOH sign was so insanely and kiasuly big, helllooooo.... we are not blind you know! Hhahhahahhaaa..... Bikin malu anak negeri larrrr!

Anyway, we finally arrived in Taiping, Bandar Warisan. Immediately looking for signage to Taiping Lake Garden while concurrently busy planning with Chawanna on her whereabout and how to surprise our Icam.

 While searching for Taiping Lake Garden, guess what I found????? Hahhahha.....!

Anyone understood the encrypted code here? Should have visited him kan kan kan.... sessi suai kenal. Hhehehheh.....

We FINALLY arrived at the agreed location but couldn't locate Chawanna and Biqque pulak. Not caring about the 2 cars (ada kena sound kang!), we ran (or was it me alone running, heemmmm.....) and start snapping pics, cam orang "perak"!!

The lake somehow reminded me of Perth's King's Park... all the lush green against clear blue sky encircled by mountains, God love us! Amin... for the good weather and beautiful scenery. Must be due to the zikir that Dan Arif's car performed from KL all the way to Taiping. Fighting!

Situated in a valley making Taiping the only town receiving the highest rain fall especially on Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut). It rains daily.... No! we didn't cover this, next trip perhaps?!?

Serenity at it's best.

You will notice the town folks going for evening jog or picnic which you will die of envy just by looking at them - healthy lifestyle!

2 of the best photographer in the house. Dan Arif  & Janggel. Their blog are hyperlink at the bottom of this entry.

Trying my luck on macro or bokeh or whatever fits its description. Ada perasan cantek di sini ye...

The lake is soooooo huge that the ladies jumped with joy! Drama gilos.
To be honest, it is a huge lake thus many beautiful areas for nice evening stroll or photo shoot. I learnt that lotsa of locals took their wedding pics here.... one of the is Biqque lar, our travel blogger. 

YUP! Byya lagi dan lagi dan lagi. I sooooo gonna wear dress in our next trip ok!

Alas..... group picture.

This is the part where the organizer - Biqque briefing us on next itinerary. Taat mendengar we all...

THIS IS our popular teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle blogger Icam. I am serious s*** scared the nonsense I said will be in his blog, pray pray pray....

Like this pic but not liking this picture,, something is wrong somewhere....

Byya lagikksss.... ehheheh... anyway, love this shot. 

We head to our next location - Matang Mangrove at Kuala Sepetang. Oh yah! Not forgetting the yummeh Mee Udang.

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just.HY said... i first to comment? muahahah. thanks to us sbb berzikir along the way. until ter'overtake' korang.

Anash said...

Im first???
entry yang penuh dengan penerangan..
i like
i done the vote..
gambar pokok bunga lily itu cantik ok??? not bad for a compact camera to perform...(helo..look who's taking the picture, rite lily??)

Anash said...

cis danny...
dia first
ok bai...

Gil Ra Im said...

i can hear the kecohness only by reading! hahaha. i'm sure u guys were having lotsa fun during the 'mission'.

btw, i always like to see ur photos! cantik2 la gmbr2 yg u amek. u hv very good eyes. :)

Ely Hasrul said...

patut la lmbt smpai melantak kt umah mak janggel dulu ropenye.. iye mmg patut amik gambo byya sbb cun okeh pakai gitu!! hahaha byya byya and byya lagik!

Ely Hasrul said...

patut la lmbt smpai melantak kt umah mak janggel dulu ropenye.. iye mmg patut amik gambo byya sbb cun okeh pakai gitu!! hahaha byya byya and byya lagik!

Biqque said...

ni yg marah ni makan kat umah mak janggel tak ajak!!!

ok, santai @ tuttttt nanti kita pakai dress ok!!! I DON'T CARE!

Ren said...

Omg sangat best entry ni siap di akhir rancangan ada iklan lagik!!!

Yes im voting you .. Done and please vote me as well guys!!! ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ "̮ (double iklan di sini)

Bythe way, ganbar i tepi tiang nampak kurus!!! Ohmaiii penangan tepen!!!!


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Ren said...

Oh ya, thanks sebb sudi makan di rumah mak saya juga !!! :)

Lily Riani said...

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Ren said...

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PaE said...

Tempat macam tempat pengambaran sepi... tul ker. Santek la.

X leh blah sampai ke comment part pun nak berkempen.. huhuhu.

Majulah Travel blogger utk negara ^_^

Sandy said...

Firstly, congrats on being nominated. That's very cool. The sky looks nasty, you really captured it well with your camera. Looks like you had quite a full trip with lots of activity. The good pics sure made me hungry! Love the new banner on your blog, very nicely done. Making rounds today from Traveling Suitcase to say hi and happy almost wkend to all.

Lily Riani said...


you pirst as usual ler kan.


thank you! but dslr musti lagi cantek kaaaaaaan...


hehehhe thanks! bila ler nak jumpa ye... sure riuh.

Lily Riani said...


sodap gilos ok!!! mak jgl terror!!!... lagik2 byya... i sms dia soh bwk baju dresses to NZ. gambo wajib lawa.


ituler... trip to TUUUUUT. kite pakat pakai...... ok ok ok


sodappppp... ikan tuh nyom nyommm...

Lily Riani said...


majulah blogger tuh negara?!!! HAHHAHHA... good one! patroitik tuh!


thanks for your compliments. apprecaiet it. i hv always been your silent reader... you too keep on blogging yah. you are one of those that inspired me.

AC | said...

Fantastic! I was in Taiping myself 2 weeks ago. The lake gardens are indeed something else!

Lily Riani said...


there is more than the lack, did you cover 33 1st Taiping? That would be really cool.

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