Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gopeng Murals

I took a stroll in this quaint town after being enlighten by Gopeng Heritage House and Gopeng Museum and to my surprise, murals!?! And not just one, 5 of them! I asked the volunteer at Gopeng Heritage House and was told that come March 2014, this little town will be painted in red (#eh) by murals.

So, apa lagi…. JOM to Gopeng this March!!! *wink*

A #VMY2014 #Perak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel


Unknown said...

terpaksa balik ke kampung halaman sendiri mac ini..nantikannnnn..hahahah

agip roslan said...

i've mixed feeling/opinion about this. it is nice and attractive, but it is no longer unique, as every place now seemed to 'replicate' what pulau pinang did. and even in pulau pinang with the additional murals etc.

pardon me. hehe.

Khai said...

I beg to differ with agip's opinion. It might not be unique anymore but I think it is now not unique to Penang but become unique as it can be a trademark for our country. Murals! Haha. As long as they are done nicely, it can become an attraction to a place. :)

azuan said...

Wahhh hebat Gopeng!

I think there are more that we can do besides just murals to transform these empty walls into attractions. Till someone figure that, i think i'm ok with more towns/cities following the footsteps of Penang. Shah Alam pun dah ada... haha

Lily Riani said...


sila balik dan ingatkan kampung halaman. ahhahahha


i tak kisah sangat, i thought it was kinda fun looking for the murals. to each his own i guess :)

Lily Riani said...


as long as best i layan jee...


same thought, but perak is best tau, sila lawat CC1M :)

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