Friday, January 10, 2014

#VMY2014 Bucket List (Tagging game)

Farah from ThatSoFarah tagged me to #VMY2014 Bucket List where I need to share my list of places I wish to rediscover in Malaysia, and I figure why not right? Let's make this #VMY2014 Bucket List  go viral...

Here goes...

1. Gua Kelam, Perlis

My memories and knowledge of Perlis is Kuala Perlis jetty to Langkawi. Period.

I shall make it a mission of mine to rediscover my own country and Perlis shall be my super duper top most priority (tuh dia.... kiasu dak? Eh, tetibe loghat utara lak). And Gua Kelam Recreational Park is a must, I wan to experience 'cave walking' (ada pacat dak? ada dak?) whereby I can enter from one end and exit on the other side (then cam na nak ambek kereta? hemmm...).

Source from Visit Malaysia Year.

2. Sipadan, Sabah

Since I have taken my diving license last year, this have been my dream (not that I am any good a diver or anything, but still... hahhahaha). The fact is, I want be here, take beautiful photos and jump into the water, let it be snorkeling, diving or just kuis-kuis air di tepian. Janji pergi, gitewww...

Malaysia have one of the most beautiful islands and diving sites that should be shouted out loud internationally and it must start from us, Malaysia. Country Ambassador!

Source from

3. Pulau Tiga, Sabah

Survivor Island. Titik.
This is where they shot the survivor reality show and I am curious, curious to "bercanda" in volcano mud pool, see those big monitor lizards and enjoy the serene beach. Wouldn't you?

I think I need to do my research thoroughly though as I hardly see it being mention in friends' bucket list. Mana nak korek info nih...

Source from

4. Taman Negara, Pahang

Have been in my list since.... like forever. dreaming of the boat ride, canopy walk, cave exploration and whatever they have to offer. Who in Malaysia that doesn't have Taman Negara in their travel bucket list right? It is the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, its 130 million years old, older than the Amazon! Confirm seantero Malaysia sure semua nak pergi kan kan kan...?!

So, jom kengkawan!

Source from

5. Pesta Benak, Sarawak

Ahhh..... Curious right? What is Pesta Benak?
Pesta Benak celebrated in Sri Aman is one of Sarawak's iconic event - a tidal bore event. Tidal bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a waves of water that travels up a river. Activities during this festival include longboat paddling competition, tidal bore surfing, water sports, food and trade fair.

Source from Borneo Tourism

6. Kelong Stay, Selangor

I don't know why but yes, I want to stay here even for a night. To wake up in the morning in the middle of nowhere, to eat freshly caught fish, to see sunset and sunrise from every angle. It is a Kelong stay located in Sabak Bernam. Who even know this place exist?

Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort (Sabak Bernam)
Suite 838, Level 8, Block A, Lobby B, Kelana Centre Point, No. 3, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya
Mobile : (+6) 017 264 5315 / (+6) 012 655 7280 / (+6) 013 271 9481
Siapa sudi teman I?

Source from Infonet2u

That's all for now. Let's start out #VMY2014 roadtrip!

And I am tagging #TravelholicAwesome group, click HERE to see the group's blog.


Ren said...

One of my Wishing List of the decade is Taman Negara Pahang. Tak pernah kesampaian hajat nak ke sana.

Nanatron said...

yup lily and ren..
taman negara is in my list for years as well..if only i can find cuti yang tersepit...dan orang yang tahan masuk utan..u noe only some ppl want to go into the jungle..

kelong!! i seen that somewhere years ago too! berangan nak fishing then bakar-bakar ikan...
dah ada geng ke uols? nak ikut?

Kisah Tatie said...

pesta benak sabah macam best je...

Khai said...

wah, surfing kt sungai je uolls. haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, Do you know bila tarikh Pesta Benak ni?

AjlaA said...

Taman Negara!mahu juga. Ada tgk dlm paper hari tuh. boleh cover abseiling dan caving skali.

Sis,kalo nk amik diving lesen wajib tahu berenang ke?

Lily Riani said...


sama ler kite, untung lah john.


bab kelong tuh, I plan dah 2 tahun asyik sweep under the carpet, bila ler agak2 Nye heheheh


benak tuh should be good :)

Lily Riani said...


sg mana tuh? heheheh nak join gak.


benak tuh kena google, tiap tahun beralih date... :(


diving tak yah tau berenang, if tahu leh skuak lentang, kuak kupu2, kuang ikan dugong segala2nya. ehheheheh.... untung sikit.

Cik Nurul said...

Gua kelam - i went there before. very long time ago. hehe..

couldn't recall the experience there anymore.. should go there again, perhaps.. hehe

kelong stay tu mcm best je.. hehe

Safura Poobritney said...

Awesome list. Paling teringin nak ke Survivor Island tu :)

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