Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kelantan's Lost Craft - Wau-maker (Kite-maker)

“Ewa ewa… Wau Bule (Bulan)
Wau Bule (Bulan) teraju tigo

Maaf la cik sedaro-daro ini male...
Hok saloh silap sedaro jge sipe taroh dale dado...”

That’s how famous the Kelantan Wau Bulan (Moon-kite) is, there’s even a song dedicated to it. It symbolizes Malaysia aside from Keris (the Malay dagger) and Bunga Raya (Hibiscus). Kelantan’s pride and joy (and it’s our Malaysia Airlines’ logo as well *smile*).

I did a weekend trip with Andrea Gail early this year where we stayed at Pasir Belanda (click HERE for more info) and Adam Eben promised to take us around Kota Bahru, being ignorant of Kota Bahru and having only 2 full days there; we decide to prioritize the activities specific to the must-visit-attractions (kononnya). We told Adam that he must find out how to get to a Wau-Maker place, Pak Shafie specifically. Hahhahaha… not easy apparently. Sorry Adam!

We start our day with a single mission, to look for the famous Kelantan Wau-Maker – Pak Shafie, we drove all the way to Pantai Cahaya Bulan not finding it (Ops! Sesat barat berbagai. Siap tangkap gambar tepi pantai, minum air kelapa , lepak-lepak lagi….). We stopped here and there, asked a few locals and finally found where Pak Shafie lives; a small looking home full of waus, big waus, many big waus.

Pak Shafie was awarded the Adiguru Aneka Kraf in 2006 for wau-making skill. At age 10, Pak Shafie paid a close interest in wau-making, observed from wau sifus (subject matter expert). He was able to make a small living with this special skill, later Pak Shafie participated in kite competition in Kelantan and that was the big turning point; he was noticed by foreign tourist in which kick-started his fame. He was interviewed by national medias as well as showcased his artwork in Australia, German, Maldives, Melbourne and Japan by collaborating with MAS (Malaysia Airlines).

Wau, often decorated in vivid floral patterns, shaped in crescent moon, bigger than the average kite, a wau will rule and roar beautifully up in the sky. The most famous wau known is Wau Bulan, but the truth is, there is few others that shared the same rank such as  Wau Merak (Peacock-kite), Wau Kucing (Cat-kite), Wau Puyuh (Quail-kite), Wau Jalabudi (“Budi” leaf-kite) among others. It is said that Wau Bulan originated from Sriwijaya Kingdom and was used by Prince Dewa Muda, it’s patterns represents the map of the area conquered by the Kingdom.

I also found information stating that there was a plan to build a Wau Museum unfortunately unable to find further information, meanwhile, for those kite enthusiast or interested to know more and at the same time wanted to experience the wau competition, head down to Kelantan this May 2014 (please recheck and reconfirm the details with Tourism Malaysia closer to the event date).

Venue    : Shafie Bin Jusoh Home (Pak Shafie, a Wau-maker)
Address : On the road leading to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, near the police station
GPS        : N 06' 10' 35.8", E 102' 15' 13.2"

Date      : 28 - 31 May 2014
Venue   : Pantai Geting Tumpat, Kelantan.
Link        : Visit MalaysiaYear 2014
Others  : Base on 2013 participation, there would be approximately 47 participants from 18 countries (Indonesia, Sweden, China, Brunei, France, Germany, Cambodia, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Nepal, Japan and India) and 119 local entries.

Competition categories
1.National-level traditional kite-raising
2.National-level traditional kite art
3.National-level traditional kite construction and raising workshops (4 days)
4.National-level Kite Open
5.PBT & National Clubs Kite Open
6.Government/Private/Clubs & International Open
7.Kelantan state University level traditional kite
8.Kelantan state Secondary School level traditional kite
9.International level

Wau, wowed us!


Anonymous said...

Udey Ismail just did a documentary and a photoshoot ngan Pakcik nie last week. Saw it on his instagram. The video pun dah ada kat vimeo rasanya. Rugi plak tak pergi masa visit to KB hari tue.

Nanatron said...

a closer look at our national treasure...wau! maybe nak pegi kot wau competition tu...

Khai said...

Haritu Adam bgtau untuk singgah masa I gi KB tapi tak sempat. So, pakcik ni penah travel ke negara2 tersebut lah ye untuk tunjuk wau? Wow! And first time dengar Adiguru. Biasa Adiwira. Hehe.

p/s: Link Pasir Belanda click here tu mcm cde la Lily.

Lily Riani said...


apa kata you repeat ngan we all. ehehheheh


I said the thing to my friend, gi competition tuh sure best kan


itulah pasai... anak dia shud be adiputra kot kan ahhahahha

I dah hyperlink :(

Khai said...

ok dah ada hyperlink. kenapa smiley sedih. senyum sket :))) hehe

eh jgn lah bg anak nama adiputra. nnti ada skandal. ops. eh. haha

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