Thursday, April 3, 2014

I failed myself in Southern India

I dedicated this entry to Nadirah Babji. I will return. 

1. I failed to plan a perfect itinerary which at the end worked perfectly great as the go-with-the-flow is more fun and thrilling.

2. I failed to pre-book any land transportation and guess what, the destination-by-destination onsite booking taught me to be flexible and practical.

3. I failed to travel like a hardcore backpacker (never in my life claiming I am), traveling with one cabin size and a 40L bag was a smarter move as our accommodation in Goa was far from the bus station. Far. Very far.

4. I failed to source for halal restaurant and to my surprise, almost everywhere are halal. Even the KFC and McDonalds. Yippee.

5. I failed to do an in depth research on Mysore and I never regret it one bit, surprise over surprise showered me when I was there. I. Must. Revisit. Mysore.

6. I failed to see the beauty of Southern India just like majority of the travelers, raving on the Northern beauty. Southern India – Love At The First Sight. Enough said.

7. I failed experiencing their famous scenic route but was compensated with a houseboat overnight cruise in Alleppey, a train ride to Bangalore, a sleeper bus ride to Hampi, a flight to Goa and the multiple tuk-tuk rides during this trip. So, yah, I covered all mode of transportation. *proud*

8. I failed (not) taking those lovely people photos. Mission, accomplished. *smile*

9. I failed to not shop for sarees. How could I not buy many a few? Hahahaaa…

10. I failed at keeping my promise to myself to not eat their curries, you know what, I tried all the briyanies (served with curries).

Still having doubts? Well, don’t. Pack your bag and go!

* For Malaysian applying India visa, please take note of the ‘Bin/Binti’ placement, it cost me unnecessary RM20. And bring a book or powerbank, the waiting was...
** Going to start my Southern India entries, so stay tune.


DJ said...

betul, org byk travel kat northern india...smpai lupa yg southern pun cantik pun dah lama tergoda nak ke southern setiap kali search for ticket, asyik la tak memenuhi budget kami lg...hehe so hold la smpai sekarang...teringin nak pergi Kerala...tido dlm houseboat... =D

tak sabar nak tggu entries psl ni...mintak2 la smpai juga sana satu hari nanti...rindu dah makanan India!nyummeh! =D

syieda said...

Next entry plisss.. x sabar.

Ruggedmom com said...

As I said I'm dreaming going to India tapi belum kesampaian.

Untuk no 7 tu i pun banggalah dengan u hahha..

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