Friday, April 18, 2014

Teaser | #TravelholicAwesome + Friends trip to Royal Belum

Yes, some of you guessed it right, we went to Royal Belum, Perak and it was super fun! I would like to express my utmost appreciation for Belum Outdoor Adventure in hosting us crazy bunch of travel bloggers and accommodating our last minute request and silliness, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullestestmest.

For those interested in experiencing Royal Belum, you can try Belum Outdoor Adventure, click HERE for more detail. Meanwhile, enjoy this teaser photos and snapshot of what we experienced there...

Ice-breaking session with new friends joining the trip, also to discussing on car-pooling, food and CSR activities. 

We got a 'cilik passenger' in the car entertaining us with songs from ABBA to Frozen. You all ada?

Superheroes! Tapi karam dilautan tasik mahu sorang tuh, hahahhaha.... 

We have with us :
VWman - The Titanic photographer (a.k.a rakit karam man)
Batman - The night doctor
Whitestripe - The holyman (ustaz lah tuh)
Captain America - The president
*Mereka sedang kempis kan perut tuh tau... perasan tak? kan?

Learning 'the rule of third'. 

Jahai Tribe of Royal Belum.

Together but alone.

LOB (Life On Board) photography class. Memang class.

Want to know more? Wait for my next week's entry *smile*.


Anonymous said...

Wsh kelas siap ada kelas photography! Hahaa

Tapi, teknik kempiskan perut tu memag taktik biasa tu. hahah

Ren said...

Siapa la yg karan dilautan tasik madu tu kan hahahhahaha

Lily Riani said...


itu;ah pasal... 2 in 1, untung lah we all. eh... kempis perut ada lah wajib :p


karan pun boleh gak

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