Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kota Kinabalu Day Trip [Adidas Contest]

Day trip to Kota Kinabalu.
Yeah, I sometimes do the craziest thing.
Oh yeah, running an Adidas contest too *wink*

Took the first flight out to Kota Kinabalu or KK as known to the locals (yawned over and over again for the 2.5hrs flight), my main objective was to shop at Adidas Neo outlet in 1Borneo (never been here before), meet with Sabah famous travel blogger Diana Teo of Travel & Living Journal of DT (she hosted me the whole day, sweet huh) and to visit the Sabah Museum; Heritage Village specifically.

Travel tips : There's a shuttle to town, convenient for travelers

First thing first - makan. Diana took me to the famous Fook Yuen for a hearty breakfast, I think she ordered everything on the shelf, hahhahahhaaa...

Me? I ordered ba chang (the one with a wrap), I always wanted to try this for years and it is so heard to get a halal one, finally I managed to try one - in Sabah (jauh giler nak try), then obviously I order dimsum and Madras Tea. Madras tea sedap giler, tak manis, you guys must try ok.

Ba chang is basically glutinous rice or sticky rice stuffed with either meat, nuts, mushroom, shrimp or salted egg yolk and wrapped in bamboo. Then they will boil or steam me just like the Malay ketupat.

The roti kahwin is delicious, I think I ate 2 sets (lapar pun sama).

Later we head to 1Borneo, it is further from town and you will pass by a beautiful coastal area with jogging track and a floating state mosque.

I head to Adidas Neo outlet to grab some attire for my upcoming trips (trips = plural tau).

'Hello Hai!' They greeted me.

The outlet consist of 2 section; male and female with sufficient manpower to service its customer. Since I arrived at 11ish, 2 kind ladies entertained me through out. Have you watched Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts goes shopping at Rodeo Drive? Yes, that's is how I felt. Best giler ok. They even ask me to try and they will take my picture for me - OOTD lah sangat. Hahhahahhaaa..... but no! I want to do something better, I will take the outfit pic during my trip. Travel in style, that's what I always say *smile*.

Traveltips 1 : If you visit the store early part of the day, you get the store all to yourself.
Traveltips 2 : The 1Borneo Mall is huge, Adidas Neo is located on the ground floor near the main entrance. Easy to find.

Currently they are also running a promo.

What makes me want to check out Adidas Neo you might wonder.
  • The price is reasonable - their shoe price range is between RM100-300 only. With RM100-RM200, you can already get a fashionable shoes. The shirts are affordable too in fact.
  • Colours and style - as the target range is the younger crowd, you won't get those boring and dull colours. I loike!
  • Trendy and funky - need I say more? *wink*.

This was one of the reason for me to come, yup, I got the black top on the right, girlie and yet cool. Apparently it comes with floral pants or legging as well (mereka yang kurus tuh, sila beli ok... girlie + funky)

Man shirts are not bad either, they have all sorts of colours.

There you go, my purchase. I got a few really really funky ones, but I will only share during my trip next month to ..... (secret)

Buying this in the hope I visit Russia soon. *Pray hard*

As I mentioned in my Instagram and Twitter I will be running an Adidas contest, and the give away is the above Adidas Winter Olympic Sochin-Russia shirt in blue worth RM99/-, I will be shipping the prize to the winners (not to worry) if you are not base in KL.

All you need to do is answer the below 3 question correctly and you will win this cool Adidas Neo shirt, thank you to #AdidasMY.

Contest question :
1. Which shopping mall did I shop my #AdidasNeo stuff?
2. Who are the 2 ambassador for #AdidasNeo? (you need to google this)
3. What colour is #AdidasNeo logo?

* Answers to be replied on my blog comment section.

Contest ends on 30 April, 2014 at 12pm.

Easy right? Happy answering :)

Next entry, STOP-STOP BUS. Hhehehhehhehe.... cute giler kan.

This entry is sponsored by #AdidasNeo. #AdidasMY.


ain@chepry said...

1. 1Borneo Hypermall
2. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
3. Hijau pucuk pisang

Jeff Chuah said...

1) 1Borneo
2) Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
3) Green

nanadhoi said...

1. 1Borneo mall.
2. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
3. Green and White


J-Mei said...

2. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

naderROXX said...

1. 1bornoe mall
2. Selena gomez and justin bieber
3. Green (omg what is hijau pucuk pisang in english? Green shoot of banana? Hahahaha) and white

Diana Diane Teo said...

Am I eligible to join this? xP
Hopefully you enjoy yourself yesterday. If you are coming to KK, do let me know again.

Ren said...

Nak JAWAB jugak

1. 1Borneo Hypermall
2. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber
3. Hijau pucuk pisang


Unknown said...

Oi geng2 tak leh masuk..nanti org kata conspirasi! nyah kau dari sini Ren! ahahahah.. Lily jgn kasi dia menang. TQ ;)

Nanatron said...

onmg. my heart skipped a beat when looking at neo adidas pale pink. is it high cut? aaaaa !! gotta check it out at adidas !!! *looking for shoes for upcoming trip too !

Che said...

1. 1Borneo
2. Selena Marie Gomez & Justin Drew Bieber
3. fluorescent green and white :)

Unknown said...

1. Which shopping mall did I shop my #AdidasNeo stuff?
- 1Borneo

2. Who are the 2 ambassador for #AdidasNeo? (you need to google this)
- Selena Marie Gomez & Justin Drew Bieber

3. What colour is #AdidasNeo logo?
- Green Pantone 382

Lily Riani said...

All participants,

I will be announcing the winner next week in a blog entry. Foor those that did not win, you will get a surprise gifts from me :)

Have a nice weekend.

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