Friday, July 11, 2014

Challenge accepted. Philippines local transportation.

I have a problem.
I am a sucker.
A sucker for local transportation.
Must have inherited this from my ayah (dad).
He have loadsa books on ships, trains, cars etc.

And I absolutely LOVE trucks!
Ayah bought me a few too when I was a kid, no... I don't play with dolls. Giler gurlie ok! Hahahhahahaa...

I insisted that Edgar, Gael, Llyod and Kirk to take Anna and I on all mode of transportation we bump ourselves into, from Manila to the most northern tip of Luzon; Pagudpud. All must try trip.

Yeah! I am crazy like that (cliche dak ayat nih).

Philippines entry :
Vigan Heritage City, Philippines
Vigan at night | Philippines (#UNESCO)
Vigan Heritage City, Philippines
#TravelTips | Vigan Walking Tour (map) & Metro Vigan Inn, Philippines
Ferdinand Marcos Museum and Mausoleum & Imelda Marcos 

Bangui Wind Farm of Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Most of our rides are in this vehicle that they call tricycle but I call it tuk-tuk (peduli apa depa panggil apa kan.... hahahhahahaa...). Sempit tapi I masih celuih, dah kurus ler tuh (mode perasan berbau riak).

And guess what?

YES! We managed to squeeze ourselves into this tuk-tuk (ok ok ok.... TRICYCLE). Fine.

Untuk perhatian umum, tuh kaki Anna (sebab kaki saya gomok, kaki tuh kurus). Kejam.

The next one was abit drama, I rode on kereta unta, kereta kebal, eh! kalesa ride or horse carriage or kereta kuda.

I cheated. 

My carriage was in black which is very much the colour of all carriages in Vigan but since this one looks more princessy, I decided to take a picture with it. By the way, I was wearing my comfortable new #AdidasNeo shirt, proud.

Our bus got into an engine problem hence Edgar got the local to help us, this uncle fetch us to Bangui Wind Farm and later to the town nearby. I call this vehicle - motorcycle with sidecar but some still calls it tricycle (eyes rolling).

I tried a few local buses as well, this one is from Pagudpud to Vigan.

Giler retarded. Hehehhehheh.....

Their bus drivers are really cool, regardless of the age, most of them will play the 80s and 90s songs. So very the discomania. 

We tried their van as well to get to UNESCO site; Santa Maria Church, please take note muka baru bangun tidur.

I also tried their MRT, sila bersyukur LRT kita lawa. Sekian.

The interior looks exactly like any other MRT we have taken.

Philippines Jeepney! Yes, I finally get to try this. Excited ok.

I love the #AdidasNeo Sochi Olympics shirt, the material is very soft and cooling plus the peach colour stands out as well. Gonna bring it for my next trip. Thank you #AdidasNEO!

Tight squeeze.

This one fascinate me alot. Tricycle but with bicycle instead, similar to Malaysia beca but this one is fully covered.

So, which one have you tried and do you try other countries' mode of transportation. How do you like it?


Hang Dhamin said...

gambar kerete kuda paling cantik ! gambar mata juling paling cute haha. style gak sini ek. harus satu hari nnt.

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