Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#TravelTips | Hong Kong/Kowloon FREE Shuttle to selected hotel/street

I took the same shuttle in Kowloon before and just realised during my recent trip that they provide the same service in Hong Kong Island as well. Since this is a cheaper mode than taking a cab and obviously a much easier option than hopping from train to train, I thought I should share with you travelers and readers. I will try to make it as easy as possible, so stay with me yah.

1. For those taking Air Asia, you will exit from Terminal 2 and for Malaysia Airline, Terminal 1. The Airport Express Rail stops at the same station for both terminals, passenger to enter or exit via different train door. 

2. There are signages for those that are unsure of where to board the airline, information counters are located at strategic places to assist you as well.

3. It is advisable to purchase the Octopus card (similar to Malaysia Touch & Go) for you to commute easily and everywhere in Hong Kong. Octopus card can be used in selected fast food chain, 7-Evelen, K-Mart etc; very convenient.

The cost from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Island Station is HKD100 and to Kowloon Station, HKD90.

4. The Airport Express Rail looks similar to Malaysia ERL; baggage area, seats and etc. The journey takes approximately 30mins.

The blue light indicates the current journey. 

5. Upon reaching the Hong Kong Island/Kowloon Station, look for the below signage - FREE Shuttle Bus. There are 2 types or options; (i) Airport Express Rail and (ii) hotel. Choose wisely.

6. My hotel was not in the participating FREE Shuttle Bus list, it is however located across the street to the bus stop. If unsure, just ask the information counter, they will advise you which bus number to take. 

For hotels that are not listed (like mine), the lady at the information counter will be able to advise you on which bus to take and the distance you have to walk from that specific bus stop.

7. Participating hotels and the bus numbers.

8. Hong Kong Island FREE Shuttle Bus Stop.

9. FREE Shuttle Bus

Luggage area. 

Hardly in full capacity.

10. FREE Shuttle Bus Stop at hotel street.

11. For those planning to do a reverse trip ie from hotel to the airport, it is the same process EXCEPT that you can do your flight check-in at Hong Kong Station. Having said that, I think for Air Asia passenger, you guys will have to check-in at the airport itself. Do double check and reconfirm.


Nurul Says said...

wah tq for your tips :D

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Can the Octupus card predict the champion for World Cup? haha. Long time no go HKG already.

Anonymous said...

At least, there's someone to share about the free shuttle bus from the airport to the island.

* Someone seems to be going forth and back to Hong Kong these days. :D

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