Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium (Impressive!)

I saw BellaEnveeus posted on her Facebook asking who else would want to join her to catch Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, after viewing the video HERE, I immediately said 'ME! ME! ME!', I mean... wouldn't you?

Suddenly visiting Qatar doesn't sound so bad after all. Check-out the video and pictures. Gempak ok!

Qatar 2022's First Five Stadiums!

Al-Rayyan Stadium (picture courtesy of Telegraph UK).

Al-Khor Stadium (picture courtesy of

Al-Shamal Stadium (picture courtesy of Realitypod).

Al-Wakrah Stadium (picture courtesy of The Guardian).

Al-Gharafa Stadium (picture courtesy of COB CDCS).

The stadium map (picture courtesy of Business Insider).

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Unknown said...

World Cup 2022 will be in Qatar and they are investing good amount of money for the stadiums. Therefore, the stadiums will look beautiful. The World Cup 2018 stadium are really great to look too!

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