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Are there leeches (pacat) in Gua Tempurung?

For pacat-haters like myself (sebab geli kot), you probably googled the same as well kan?
Well, I did… nak sedapkan hati.
And the verdict?

NONE! (For Tour 1 & 2 at least, sebab yang tuh ajer yang I masuk pun. Ahaks).

One of the reason why I wanted to join this Discover Perak Fam Trip is because the itinerary crafted was awesome, Gua Tempurung (I have always wanted to do this but worried of the infamous leeches/pacat), Nipah Guesthouse (saw this in google and been eyeing it for a while) and Jejak Warisan Taiping (launching and covering the Taiping 33 First, how great is that), to add to that, we were brought to check-out Yasmin Ahmad Gallery, try our hand at flying fox, Taiping Zoo and experience the yummiest food cooked by Chef Chia at Nipah Deli. I can’t ask for more *smile*.

To show and emphasize how worried I was with leeches, I not only googled, I posted on Facebook as well as in travel forum, on twitter plus I asked friends that have been before, of course some were very helpful and some were having fun sakat-ing (teasing) me…. Takpa takpa, jaga lah korang….. keh keh keh…. Having said that, most of the responds I received were positive and very encouraging, yet I still brought every repellent I can think of, just in case lah (termasuk jalan dekat dengan orang yang pacat-berani). I did read a few blogs and most stated that there are proper path and steps for you to walk or climb, so fret not city folks we are safe. Kiasu much huh. 
I like traveling to places where I have no experience and no expectation, it kept me wondering as well as being open about it. I remembered a caver once told me on why is it great to do caving; you’ll get to visit world of unknown and if you are lucky enough to find a new cave, you can name and register it. Did you know about this? Think about it, I can name a cave ‘Lily Riani Cave’ or ‘Lily Giler Comei Cave’ or something of that sort, best kan kan kan!!! *wink*.

We were told that we will be taking Tour 2 which consist of the below, there are 4 tours altogether and you can select any one according to your interest and fitness level, of course the last two are the most extreme ones as participants will get wet wadding the underground river. Yes, memang cool sangat!

Tour 2: Top of the World
Duration :  1 hour 45 minutes
(from entrance to Top of the World at platform 5 and return)
Time : Tours are conducted from 9am to 3pm (last entry at 3pm)

RM9.00 (Adult)
RM4.50 (Child aged 6 to 12 years)
RM3.00 (Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above)

You get to enjoy all the sights in Tour 1 and lots more when you climb higher to platform 5, standing 120 metres high. By then, you would have climbed 640 steps! Take a breather at the Wind Tunnel and feel the cool breeze before you proceed to the Gergasi (Giant) Cavern, which holds a huge column that looks like a space ship. Next, you will reach the Tin Mine Cavern where you will have a peek into tin mining activities that took place in the old days. Then Alam (Universe) Cavern comes into view. There, you will see a slender stalactite called Tongkat (Walking Stick or Cane) before coming across the Fallen Warrior and Battlefield Cavern with an amazing formation that looks like a warrior falling down in a battlefield.

Obviously by now I am full with confident and running around the cave as you can’t even detect a leech anywhere, aside from bats lah.

Tour 1:  Golden Flowstone
Duration : 40 minutes
(from entrance to Golden Flowstone at platform 3 and return)
Time :  Tours are conducted from 9am to 4pm  (last entry at 4pm)

RM6.00  (Adult)
RM2.50  (Child aged 6 to 12 years)
RM3.00  (Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above)

As you enter through the walkway on stilts over the cave river, you will see layers of white marble stone slabs and walls with different hues. Walking deeper to the dimmed showcase gallery, you will be struck by the beauty of the Golden Flowstone. Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it and illuminated by gentle light. Stalagmites and stalactites on walls and ceilings take various astounding sizes and shapes. Your eyes seem to play tricks on you when images of dolphin, jellyfish, tiger, lion, cow's head, seahorse, old man, Lord of Buddha and Zorro's eye come into view.

#TravelTips 1 : If you wish to add White Water Rafting into Tour 1 and 2, it will be an additional cost of RM130 p/pax which includes insurance, certificate and a lunch.

#TravelTips 2 : My only tips to everyone is do some exercise before coming here, package 2 takes you more than 1000 steps upwards (mostly) and the rangers is very motivated and encouraging, they kept telling me “sikit lagi jer/a little bit more” and before I knew it, I have climbed more than 1000 steps… (balik terus turun 3kg. Not!).

#TravelTips 3 : And another thing you need to take note is that there is a section which they call it ‘aircon’ area, it is really great to be standing there for 10 mins to “dry” of all the 47 medias sweaty smell, hahahahhahahaaa….

Tour 3:  Top of the World & Short River Adventure
Duration : 2 hours
(a journey of about 2.4km from the entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top of the World and return through the underground river)
Time : Tours are conducted from 9am to 12 noon (last entry at 12 noon)

RM11.00 (Adult)
RM 6.00 (Child aged 6 to 12 years)
RM 6.00 (Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above)
Minimum No. of Persons: 8 Adults

Not only will you see the Golden Flowstone and climb to the Top of the World, you will also go down 230 steps and get wet in the underground river! You will have lots of fun crawling through holes and sliding down slippery stones before getting out to be greeted by the beautiful sight of the greenery outside.

#TravelTips 4 : Tour 3 with White Water Rafting cost RM140 p/pax covering insurance, certificate and a lunch aside from those stated in Tour 3 (inclusive of entrance fee).
We were told that the bats here are seasonal, mostly appeared during the month of March till June which is their mating season. They will ‘hang-out’ around the middle part of the cave, you’ll get to see them if you take Tour 1 and 2, as for ‘old-timer’ bats, they will be at the deeper part of the cave; covered in Tour 3 and 4.

Tour 4: Grand Tour
Duration : 3 hours
(a complete journey of about 3.8km from the entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top of the World and to the end of the cave (East) and return through the underground river)
Time : Tours are conducted from 9am to 11am (last entry at 11am)

* NO Tour on Friday

RM22.00 (Adult)
RM11.00 (Child aged 6 to 12 years)
RM 6.00 (Senior Citizen aged 60 years and above)
Minimum No. of Persons: 8 Adults

Expect thrilling moments as you have the adrenalin-pumping spelunking adventure of your life time. You will wade through the underground river that reaches chest level at certain stretches, duck-walk and crawl through holes, climb almost vertical walls and slide down slippery stones. The physical challenges will be worth it. You get to see lots of fascinating rock formations - stalactites, stalagmites, multi-tier ponds, volcano-like rocks, glittering crystal-covered walls and lots more. Of course, the Golden Flowstone and the Top of the World Caverns are included in this tour that also takes you to the eastern side of the cave facing the North-South Expressway. Your return journey will take you entirely through the underground river.

#TravelTips 5 : Tour 4 with White Water Rafting cost RM150 p/pax covering insurance, certificate and a lunch aside from those stated in Tour 4 (inclusive of entrance fee).

Not known to many, Gua Tempuring is also one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia, and it got its name from the domes that resemble coconut shells or tempurung is the Malay language. There 4 main gian domes- Golden Flowstone Cavern, Gergasi (Giant) Cavern, Tin Mine Cavern, Alam (Universe) Cavern and Battlefield Cavern, and these caves existed more than 10,000 years ago.

For those curious few and want to try out caving, I would highly recommend you to pay a visit here, get a guide as the information shared is very educational.

8A Laluan Rokam 15,
Pekan Razaki, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.

Operating Time : 9:00am - 4:00pm

Tel : +605 - 3591561
Mobile : +6016 - 511 0623

Email :

Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp 
Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp is a company that was established in April 2014 is the 100 % Bumiputera company registered with the Ministry of Finance. Compatible with the previous company experience, Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp focuses on providing the adventure and outdoor activities such as caving, white water rafting, tubing, waterfall abseiling and many other recreation and outdoor activities are available at Lembah Gua Tempurung.

Until now, the activities offered by Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp are well supported and received positive feedback from schools, higher education institutions, government departments and organizations that have chosen Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp in conducting their camps and courses successfully.

Gua Tempurung Outdoor camp is also very committed and work hard in ensuring that the products and services offered have the best quality, safe and accordance with the customer’s needs and objectives.

A #DiscoverPerak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel

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