Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nik Michael and Pizza Hut's Signature Series

Italian food always amazes me, especially pizza.
Fancy that I get to try Pizza Hut Malaysia latest flavour launched.
How great can it be; food from the country I love, localised the way us Malaysian likes it to be.

Being a person traveled to various countries, I welcome new flavours easily much to my curious and wondrous palate. 

Endorsed by Nik Michael, a celebrity chef, Pizza Hut Malaysia concorted 5 new Signature Series Pizzas, namely Seriously Sriracha, Barbecue Bang, Fisherman Catch, Italian Primo and Pepperoni Perfetto. I have to say, my personal favourite is Italian Primo and Pepperoni Perfetto. 

I learnt that these pizza have been given Nik Michael's personal touch, and I find it interesting that it is priced at RM12.00 nett each during this introductory offer. Affordable much I would say. So you pizza and food lover, quickly head to Pizza Hut and sample these great pizza choices. One that fits every taste buds.

Going in a group? Worry not as Pizza Hut comes with 2 Combo set for this new Signature Series.

Signature Combo A (2 pax)
2 Signature Series Pizza
2 Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 Glasses of Mountain Dew
2 Single Sensation Ice Cream
Price : RM33.90 nett (saving of RM12.50)

Signature Combo B (4 pax)
2 Signature Series Pizza
1 Creamy Carbonara Fettucine
1 Tempura Prawn Garlic Rice
4 Cream of Mushroom Soup
4 Glasses of Mountain Dew
Price : RM60.90 nett (saving of RM19.90)

It was a great experience having the chance to try out these new signature pizza series with the presence of celebrity chef Nik Michael. What else can I say, #GoodLifeChoseMe. Most certainly.

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