Friday, April 24, 2015

Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay, Banting

I came here a long while ago under Jom Jelajah Koperasi Selangor and I honestly thought I lost all the photos, to my joy, I found it recently.

So, I must, must blog about this place and I hope I do it justice.

Some might noticed that I don’t blog much about where I stay during my travel unless the place is unique and obviously this place is. Definitely (Kak Anash and Kakak Cantek wajib pergi ni…). As I approached the gate I sound rows and rows of orchid plants, in all sort of colours, everywhere. You see, am not like mom, I don’t have the same gift, me no have green finger. And I will forever envious with Mak Cik Tuminan of Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay, Kanchong Darat, all the orchids bloomed beautifully and healthily (kalau I tanam, tak sempat berbunga dah gone!).

I don’t and can’t even describe how excited I was… you know what, apa kata layan jer gambar and gi sendiri. Okay?

(Ah ah, it is a homestay, maknanya memang boleh tingal sini *wink/smile*)

Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay
Lot 757, Jalan Cempaka
Kampung Sungai Lang Baru
Banting 42700
Contact : +603-31878396
Email :

4 comments: said...

i just visit too,.,,,

Azuan said...

something Shah Alam got to learn. We claim to be Bandar Anggerik but hardly any can be seen.

Unknown said...

How was the homestay? And can i get the contact number? Thank youu..

Lily Riani said...

Yazmalina Yaacob,

The detail is as stated on my blog entry :)

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