Monday, November 16, 2015

Candy floss homes of Pulau Ketam

I bet you didn't know neh....
For those that have set foot here, I bet you are wondering...
Got meh?
Sure or not...!?!

Right! The thing is that, you saw it but never took notice. Or perhaps you noticed but never gave it a second thought.

I was walking with Wahidah when we soon realised all the houses on Pulau Ketam are colourful which left us thinking, is it govern by the community there ie insisting that the houses must and should be colourful; as tourist attraction. Or has it been like this all the while and the next generations just follow suit, perhaps there are no colour blind people in Pulau Ketam, being able to see all shares of grey, I mean colours, tones and hues, they decided to paint the town red, I mean rainbow *wink*. I could have sworn My Little Pony And Friends own this quaint little island. Don't you just think so? Hehehheee....

Well, whatever the reason was or is, we simply love it and I set on taking every coloured home I can find. So far I failed to get a purple and orange coloured home respectively. I told also Wahidah that the next round we should stay here for a night, I bet taking a picture and exploring here at night would be more fun.

Any tips on yummeh Halal restaurant on this island, anyone?

Next entry?
It'll be on MOPAD! Ahaks.


Siti Yang Menaip said...

colourful houses.. i love villages yang macam ni..
used to plan nak visit Pulau Ketam but tak pernah jadi..

SarahFJ said...

wow so colourful! said...

very colorful

Dr Singa said...

no halal restaurant there ..

ada satu .. 'no pork ' restoren
ada orang makan kat situ.
saya er.. tak sanggup..
belum lah darurat sangat..

Lily Riani said...


Setelah sekian lama I plan, tahun ni baru jadi. Hehhehehheee... its ok, bila free gi jer.


It is... kinda love it.



Lily Riani said...

Dr. Singa,

Owh! I gi arituh tak makan langsung, memang no halal resto lah yek? Baru plan nak overnight sini. aiseyyyy....

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