Sunday, November 1, 2015

Talk About Technology at a Museum - Stockholm

I was fortunate (more like insisted) to visit a museum in Stockholm (museum name will be revealed in the next entry), the vending machines impress me a lot; for a moment I really thought I was in Japan. Then there was the museum displays and the 3D movie… memang excited sakan.

There’s a few must visit places when I travel, regardless of the price (if I find it good enough); (1) UNESCO sites, (2) Museums – my first priority will be free entry museums or at least affordable and last but not least (3) Zoo!!! How can you not like zoo right?!? Then the rest of the attractions follow suit.

This is a teaser of what I see in Stockholm. Next entry I will include the coolness about this museum and how I wish I too can be a museum curator. I will be ecstatic.

Oh! By the way, I will be traveling soon. To a country that is rich in culture and heritage, and nature too. Follow my Instagram for instant/live updates.

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