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Teaser | Vietnam UNESCO Heritage Trail

The path entrance leading to the original or Bai Đính ancient pagoda is located near the new temple at Bái Đính Temple Spiritual and Cultural Complex at the Bai Dinh Mountain. Founded by a botanist or herbalist; Nguyen Minh Khong after receiving a calling to make an offering for the Bai Đính pagoda inside the cave.

The grottoes at Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in Ninh Binh Province was honoured with a world heritage recognition. Yet another visit to Vietnam's amazing Heritage Trail. Prestine limestone karst scenery, river ways paving into its eight unique caves, flora and fauna, and lush greenery with high biological diversity sets Hua Lu district apart from the rest of heritage towns/sites around the world. It is no suprise this beautiful place was recognized for UNESCO mixed natural and cultural property in 2014.

There are so many stories and history on the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, I don't even know where to begin so I decided to pick one to share. 
This citadel was first built during the Lý Dynasty in 11th century till the Nguyễn Dynasty in 19th century, the royal palaces and most of the structures were destroyed during feudal civil war, then during French conquest, and later by the Americans. Only in the 21st century are the ruin foundations of Thang Long Imperial City systematically excavated. 3,000 relics were excavated at the citadel from different period of time.

If you like to roam around, and people surfing is your hobby then Hanoi Old Quater is a perfect for you. Feast your eyes with architecture of hundreds years old, browsing thru the shops, sample the phos and coffees, or perhaps... just enjoy the colours of life. No regrets.

Teamwork at its best! 
This is an amazing and a beautiful scene when the banner became their umbrella, where business associates became friends and when rain can't stop them from enjoying the historical town of Hanoi. It was a fantastic Heritage Sites Fam Trip!

Phong Nha Cave is one of those places where one should take a leisure sampan ride where rowing inside the cave is manned mostly by the nearby village ladies, enjoy nature's greatest cave wonders; stalactites and stalagmites and walk on soft sandy beach inside its gigantic tummy. Heaven for nature lovers, easy for kids and appreciate by all.

Hoi An Old Town is a well-preserved traditional trading port since 15th - 19th century, it has been awarded and recognized as an UNESCO site in 1999. Hội An (會 安) translates as "peaceful meeting place", is where all beautiful Chinese-styled shophouses envelope its quaint long winding lane. I can truly understand how many travelers then (and now) fell in love with Hoi An.

Ignorant is a bliss. I just found out that there is a Vietnam Demilitarized Zone, or popularly known as DMZ. The localtion is approximately on the 17th parallel north of latitude, on the Ben Hai River. This Hien Luong Bridge crosses the Ben Hai River marks the former border between North and South Vietnam. When I was here this afternoon, there is no army, military old vehicle or bases, not even a proper museum! However, for war and history lover, there are a few other places you can include if you're planning a DMZ trip, such as Vinh Moc Tunnels, Truong Son National Cemetery, Rockpile and etc.

Chau Chu mountain is where this grandeur Khải Định Tomb situated. An East meets West architecture was eracted under the instruction of Nguyễn Emperor Khải Định and was completed by Bảo Đại, Khải Định's successor. This beautiful historical complex consist of stone statues, obelisk, monument and courtyard.

2 distinctive characteristic between Halong Bay on Land and Halong Bay on Sea, and I get to experience them both during this trip, a special thanks to Mr. Peter Pham of Golden Tour Vietnam and Tourism Vietnam. 
Having experienced Halong Bay cruise years ago allows me to see the effort put in to enhance and enrich the tourism industry in Quang Ninh especially in Halong Bay; a popular and famous UNESCO site. Great infrastructure and amenity implemented that have created a different journey this time around. Vietnam always surprise me. Would definitely revisit this beautiful country!

I would like to express our sincere thanks and utmost gratitude to VIETNAM TOURISM, GOLDEN TOUR and VIETNAM AIRLINES in hosting us for the last 8 days.

We have experienced many provinces' culture and heritage during this trip; from visiting 5 out of 8 world heritage sites (I believe is record breaking for almost all of us), realising that Vietnam TOO have a DMZ, to experimenting 5 types of Rice Paper of which Malaysian only know ONE, right down to 'how we should pronounce Vietnamese famous delicacy - PHO {FER}'. It is a great educational Fam Trip!

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