Friday, May 13, 2016

A complete natural experience - Valley Agro Farm, Bentong

The fun part of traveling is rediscovering new places. Where one is able to try out new activities, pick-up a new language, make new friends, sample local food and experiencing new culture. And best is if it is at our own backyard.

That was what exactly happened to me, rediscovering new places one after another. In Bentong, Pahang.

I always say that Pahang state is very fortunate; blessed with wondrous nature; from its lush greenery, mountainous waterfalls, colourful marine life, to delicious food spread; such as To’ki Lemang, tasty Kow Po homemade ice-cream, the famous Bentong spicy ginger and not to forget its yummilicious durian. Of course then there pisang wap, masak lemak tempoyak and all. And as if this is not enough, I was surprised with extreme activities and eco tourism that is mushrooming in Bentong municipal; ATV ride, archery, mini Viper challenge course and archery laser tag (to be launched by end of September, 2016). I was introduced to Bilut Extreme Park recently as well as Valley Agro Farm, where we get to experience archery and ATV ride around palm oil plantation, and agriculturally grown vegetable.

The integration of aquaculture with livestock or crop farming provides quality protein food, resource utilisation, recycling of farm waste and economic development. This is what Mr. Sing; owner and founder of Valley Agro Farm is focusing on, at the same time educating the locals and visitors on what they have and do, a farm surrounded by mountains, visitors were greeted with a vast green landscape and fresh air – experiencing a complete natural experience.

Producing organic food & fruits such as passion fruit, banana and papaya, Mr. Sing supports go green efforts by integrating of aquaculture with livestock or crop farming which help to provide clean air, soil fertility and ensuring pure clean water. Side from this, stingless bee or madu kelulut farming is one of the activities here whereby Valley Agro Farm produces honey by-product for export.

A visionary man at heart, Mr. Sing did not stop there. Now, a proud owner of nature eco stay is happy to share his range of accommodation available couple with activities for his nature lover guest.

Activities offered :
  • Valley Agro Hill sunrise + picnic
  • Streamlet/Waterhall hike/swim
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Miniature Animal Park
  • Tree House rest area
  • Fishing - catch and release (From 1pm to 8pm)
  • BBQ (RM 25 per pax, a minimum of 6 people may use the barbeque area)
  • Camping
  • Karaoke

Website :
Facebook :
Youtube : XPNcVqiVkhA


This activity/trip is made possible by Valley Agro Park.

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