Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Taiping secret : Dr. Sun Yet Sen, Chen Ciufen and Antong Coffee Mill

The house where Chen Ciufen and Dr. Sun Yet Sen stayed when they were in Taiping.

This was written at the gate of Antong Coffee Mill or Aun Tong as written in chinese 东.
Now I got slightly distracted AND curious.
Who is Chen Ciufen (we all KNOW who Dr. Sun Yet Sen is)
And who is Antong?
I need answer! (Nancy Drew mode ON, [hair flip])

Alexa, search Chen Ciufen!
(Unfortunately I don’t have Alexa to assist me (drama jer lebih), I therefore rely on the old and trusty Mr. Google)
I found the link between Chen Ciufen, Dr. Sun Yat Sen and Antong Coffee Mill.


Next to the Antong Coffee Mill is the Changchun Pu villa. There is a statue not far from the door, the  statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. It is said that Chen Ciufen travelled to Tanah Melayu in 1914 after she broke up with Dr. Sun Yet Sen and stayed at Changchun Pu villa for a few years.

And in 1940, Tiah Ee Mooi rented the land next to Changchun Pun and set up Aun Tong Coffee Mill. Tiah Ee Mooi bought over the property in 1942 and became the owner of Antong Coffee Mill.

You are welcome to visit the living room of Changchun Pu villa to look at the old photos, memorabilia or just walk around and feel the olden days vibe.


Being Malaysia’s oldest coffee mill established in 1933, this halal certified coffee produce sources their bean from both local and internationally; from Johor, Sabah and Sarawak to Indonesia, Kenya and Brazil. Not only that, it also sells kopi luak or civet coffee, one of the best and most expensive.

It also has a guided tour at the mill on coffee production where it take your on a journey of how an Antong Coffee is being made/produce. What caught my eyes are their flavoured coffee. I am not a coffee drinker nor do I eat durian (yeah, I’m weird. I know)… they durian coffee and mint coffee. I bought the durian coffee for a friend who loves both durian and coffee. Am yet to find out how the mint coffee taste like.

Aside from that, it also houses a café if you just wanna lepak while sipping a cuppa.

Antong Coffee Mill
Kampung Asam Kumbang

Email : info@antong.my
URL : www.antong.my

Office operating hours : 8.30am – 5.30pm daily
Mill operating hours : 8.30am – 12.30pm – closed on Sundays

The VM2020 Heritage and Family Fun 2019 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Malaysia in partnership with all its sponsors.

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