Friday, January 17, 2020

World’s longest water slide | Escape Penang Water Park

Well, people who know me, KNOW ME.
I don’t like my trip to involve water as I have to pack extra – beach bag, swimsuit, towel, toiletries so on and so forth. The luggage will be heavier and I have to ensure I bring extra plastic bags to store them wet cloths. You get the drift right. Basically very very the leceh.

So, when I saw the itinerary… I do the usual ie googling each destination to understand what I will be covering and how to angle my writing etc.

‘Escape! Hemmmm…. OK’ I remember telling myself. I have to pack extra lah maknanya kan. Consoling myself ‘kena pack slipper and towel gak ni’ murmuring under my breath.

Credit : Escape

Reluctantly I pack. Whole trip was great… Enjoyed myself thoroughly – very informative, action pack activities, great travel buddies. Then the last day came, Escape! Told meself to at least play 1 ride #demisebuahcontent. I asked Miera is it scary? I googled, I watched video, I read reviews…. Everyone said it is slow, not scary at all. Just that the ride is 1.1km long… few mins till you reach the end.
Great! I shall do this. One content done!
We took our float and head to the chairlift (I ain’t gonna take he staircase, tinggi giler kot)…

Credit : Attractions Management

Every was ok… then it was our turn; Nisa and I. Both penakut and scared of height, salah pairing nih. I sit and as Nike’s motto ‘Just Do It’. And we splashed down… screaming and enjoying the ride. Half way I stop screaming ‘bila nak sampai bawah ni? Bosan giler’…. ‘Are we there yet?!?’.

Yeah, we arrived and has a photo as a proof. The ride was around 4 mins kot but the queue was like 20mins or so. Sejenis kegigihan kalau nak buat second round, memang tak lah kan. By then the adrenaline rush kicks-in for all of us, I was persuaded to try the face-down steep scary splash (tak lah scary tapi I kan penakut [eyes rolling]). And strangely I said ‘OK, jom!’. Mabuk kot masa tuh… Hahhahaha….

Credit : STAR

We did the ride, all 6 of us… we were competing. Yup! We came out with this idea (masalah bila queue lama, semua orang jadi came out with weird ideas), we shall compete WHO will reach the FURTHER POINT of the splash. Remembered someone said that the heaviest will win. I lah tuh lah… me admitting.

I was wrong, I couldn’t garner enough inertia and I was placed second (macamlah ada hadiah). Tetiba rasa best pulak… apa lagi nak main yek. I think my adrenaline when into turbo boost gear. Baru dok piker-pikir nak main apa, we were asked to pack, get ready as we need to head for lunch and then pecut balik KL.

BUUUUUUUUUUT I tak puas main lagi lah! Mana aci.
Jarang I enjoy water park ni tau.
Fine! Nanti kena dating lagi sekali.

Credit : Escape

 MUST ride the longest slide in the world - 1.1km long!
 Spend 1 full day at each park (dry and wet)
 MUST also experience Banana Flip (water) and Splash
 Wear slippers, preferably the one with strap
 Bring own water as you easily get dehydrated
 Bring own TOWEL and toiletries
 Purchase tix online to avoid long queue
 Come early so you'll have more time to play and repeat.

Operating hours
Tuesday - Sunday (closes on Mondays)
10am - 6pm

828 Jalan Teluk Bahang
11050 Penang, Malaysia

The VM2020 Heritage and Family Fun 2019 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Malaysia in partnership with all its sponsors.

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