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Day 2 | Temples in #Bagan Myanmar (Part 1)

Every country or city have a story to tell, mine will be 'being slapped on the face in Bagan'.

I first fell in love with Bagan a long while ago but Javier's recent photos simply took my breath away. So when Fie asked whether I would want to join her for a trip to Myanmar, I went ............ YES!!!! Like a crazy, excited, blank YES!!!!!

Imagine the excitement when we set foot in Bagan, 'macam beruk dapat torchlight / like a monkey receiving a torchlight' my aunt would say; so excited that the monkey would use and shine it everywhere even in broad day light. Hahhahahaha.... And for me, I want to capture every single moment with my new white baby (#Olympus Pen-Lite3).

From Wikipedia :
Bagan (formerly Pagan) is an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Burma (Myanmar). From the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, the first kingdom to unify the regions that would later constitute modern Myanmar. During the kingdom's height between the 11th and 13th centuries, over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed in the Bagan plains alone, of which the remains of over 2200 temples and pagodas still survive to the present day.

While thinking of how to write this entry, I was torn on how informative I should be to myself and the readers or should I write about what saw and experienced. Yes, I decided on the latter *smile*. Having said that, I will hyperlink the places to make it easy for all, fair huh... *wink*.

Munuha Guphaya Temple
Well, this was the first temple we visited. I honestly have no expectation of the temples in Myanmar, but temple being temple I decided to take a look at the active surrounding instead. Feeling the Bagan aura and culture I told myself (yeah yeah... pretty lame I know! Hahahhaa...).

You can get alot of lacquer ware products as souvenir here (more pics in my FB page). It is similar to those in Cambodia and Vietnam, however the design or motif is slightly different.

I wasn't that impress at this temple, it is pretty small but I do recommend for everyone to visit here, as the surrounding is a great place for photography as shown below.

The resolution drops as I resize all my pic, but trust me, the surrounding is pretty impressive especially if this is the first temple :)

Gubyauk Gyi (Myinkaba) Temple
OK, this temple is impressive with a quiet surrounding. 2 reasons why I fancy this particular temple is because of the brick - orangy in colour, and the setting against clear blue sky that makes it superb for pics. Oh yah! Somehow, it was cloudless sky in Myanmar (during my trip at least); PERFECT!

You get more ornaments and artsy (painting) stuff here, hardly see it again elsewhere. So, if you like a particular painting; grab one here.

We spent a good while here.

Have you been slap on the face at a foreign land? Well, I did.

Notice the signage on top, it's the same for every temple and one should respect.

I did take off my shoe (Yeah! My new Bershka) and what I intended was to hold it everywhere I go. Sure, I did ask the locals whether is it safe to leave shoes in public like that (worried that it'll go missing), and as suspected; they say it won't. Like real I am going to believe that (kat masjid pun cite orang hilang kasut kan).

So, I took off my shoes and hold it as I walk. After a few steps, the driver approached me and ask why did I not leave my shoe there, I simply smile and said it's ok (Lame, I know!). Guess what he said?
"We are Buddhist, we believe in Karma. Your shoes would not be stolen" He said with a smile.
Stunned..... I walked back and left my shoe there. And it was not stolen. 

Padan muka!!! Kan dah maluuuu....

I somehow like the window alot.

One of the reason why I like this temple. The only one that we took pictures with the local kids. Fantastic!

This is the place where I decided to waste my money unnecessarily (slapforehead). As usual, my kiasuness took the best of me. Le sigh......

Again I was lazy to take off my shoe (the rest was wearing a flipflop) and since I prefer to take outer building pictures, I took a stroll at the compound. At this point I have already purchase 10 postcards at earlier temple knowing I need to grab 10 more somewhere.

Suddenly, I heard Anna yelling my name asking me to take a look at the postcards. I ran over and immediately fell in love with them, Jard and myself was having difficulties in deciding which set to buy. Since I like it all, I bought 2 sets and discarded the old one (still in backpack actually). Crazy right?!?!?!? Anyone wants 1 set of 10 postcards from Myanmar (brand new)?

Jard and her nego skill.

Pretty heh!

Awesome view.

Still wondering why the picture looks glaring. Ah...well....

I forgot what temple is this, hahahahhahhah..... and forgot to take the temple name outside too. Duh LILY!!!!!

We did a 5 minutes stop here.... nothing silly happen. Phew... Pfftt...

Here is what we did, we chartered a taxi (van is more like it) to take us to 7 places and the last temple is the iconic Shwe Laik Tu to catch the sunset.
  • Its better if you go in even number group as you can split the cost on local transportation and accommodation (if you are on budget)
  • Hotel and train or bus ride should be pre-book if you plan to travel during peak season OR on time constraint trip
  • Book/charter the whole taxi/van for a day as it gives you more time to cover more places (don't stinge on this)
  • Don't hire the horse cart as it don't have the speed to take you to many places and poor horsy!
  • Bring candies for the kids
PS : More pictures in my Facebook Page, feel free to view.

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Anonymous said...

Hi lily, i love reading your travel posts...urmm u said ade extra postcards right? mind to give me one ;)? i collect postcards..wont mind to exchange some with you. if you nak lah :)

kasri said...

wahhhh....bagus sekali tulisannya, juga foto-fotonya...very good

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Nice documentary Lily. I was startled to see that 'English' signage!
Duncan In Kuantan

winny marlina said...

wouw u'r great traveller, im proud u visit my blog :0
good job kakak!!

Mie said...

Kenapalah nak kena pakai visa bila nak masuk Myanmar ni, padahal sesama negara Asean. Kalau tidak tentu sektor pelancongan mereka lebih maju...

Ren said...

I dah dapat dah pon postcard tu! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Lily your photos are stunningly beautiful. We're so hook up with your myanmar trip series. We'll surely follow your tips.

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