Monday, February 18, 2013

Vote for #MITBCA2013

I realised I have been nominated last week (or was it before that?) in Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards in 2013 or #MITBCA2013, thank you to the 2 kind friends whom nominated and believe in me. Really thankful you appreciating me blogging or in this case micro-blogging as well.

As a person whose passion is traveling and now a Social Media Addict (realised this a couple of months back [slapforehead]), I felt honored and grateful for this nomination even if I don't win anything, I am still happy and contented. Friends advised that I should have this blog up in respect and appreciation to my nominator (you know who you are) and friends/followers alike, and I agree.

3 simple steps
1. Visit MITBCA website (vote is via Facebook account)
2. Click at Micro Blogger of the Year category
3. Vote for  (it'll turn red once voted)

Thank you TravelholicAwesome for everything. Heart!


Biqque said...

The category fits you :) Yes, voted for you and will continue to get others to vote for ya :D

Zara AB said...

Voted! :D

Ren said...

You deserve it Lily! Yeay!

Che said...

sorry i missed the train! CONGRATS!! :)

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