Thursday, October 1, 2015

Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle

Dashing through the snow,
In a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go

Laughing all the way.

Santa Claus Village
After all, it’s 8km away from the Rovaniemi Airport, might as well right.

We did a quick few hours pit stop here enroute to the airport. We didn’t see Santa though as the queue was very very very long and we (or at least I) have nothing to wish for… Ahaks.

They have a few activities here but we only pick a few… the main reason why I wanted to visit this place is that I wanted to step on the Arctic Circle Line. Yes, you can do that… it ajer pun. Kiasu dak?! Hahhahahaa…. I will share more tips on luggage area and taxi to the airport from here. I find it hard to source for this info when I was preparing for my trip. Will definitely make a point to share with everyone.

Arctic Circle: The Arctic Circle cuts right through Santa Claus Village. A white line denoting the Arctic Circle (at its position in 1865) is painted across the park. Visitors officially enter the Arctic area when they cross the line. The line is a very popular photo spot for visitors.

Santa Claus' Main Post Office: A large variety of Christmas related items, Christmas cards and CDs are sold in the post office. All mail sent from this post office is postmarked with a special Santa Claus postmark. Visitors can also specify their mail to be sent at the next Christmas, regardless of when they actually visit the post office and send their items.

Santa Claus's Office: A Santa Claus's Office is located inside the main building of the Village, for visitors to take photographs and chat with Santa Claus. However, there is an "office hour" for Santa Claus and he may not be in the office all the time even when the Village is open.

Other attractions: There are also many shops and restaurants inside the park selling a variety of items related to Santa Claus and the Lapland region.

Source : Wikipedia

Aside from this, jeng jeng jeng… there is also Santa Park of which I did not visit, it is rather expensive and most of my money was spent at Ranua Zoo.

Elf Show
Santa's Workshop
Gingerbread Kitchen
Sleigh Ride
Elf School
Elf Workshop
Post Office

Source : Wikipedia


I don’t even know how to describe my excitement in Rovaniemi, first was the snow; its everywhere but everywhere, then the Ranua Zoo – the northern most zoo, followed by the northern most McDonald (apparently taken over by Russia), the Arctic Circle Line and now this; the Santa Claus Village! How lah not to love Finland.

The annoying part was the Igloo Bar & Restaurant and Igloo Hotel cost EU18 per entrance, aisey mannn….. mahai nya. Snowman World lagi. Aish… Bila nak kaya raya ni.

Anyway, nothing much for me to story mory here as I did not fall town, tripped on ice or do anything stupid. So, layan gambar ajer lah yek.

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