Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things To Do In Singapore (Part 2)

This is solely base on experience and of what I like to see, do and venture. And of cause this is a bottomless list, I will try to add on as time goes by. 

Honestly this came about last week when I went for an alien traveling roadtrip (read HERE) with a bunch of travelholic bloggers, and I got to know that some of them have yet to set foot in Temasek, ie the old name for Singapore. Hence, before continuing with the next entry on this alien trip of mine, I figure I should take a break and create this entry instead. You know what they say, strike when the iron is hot. Hahhahaa.....

Here's how it works, I will include my picture collections and the links to my blog entry for you reading and viewing pleasure. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to know more, I will try my best to be of any help.

1. Christmas Lights - Yup! Singapore is superbly famous for this... I bet their country bills are absorbitant but who cares right!

2. Cable Car Ride - Try to do this at sunset or night time, taking the ride from Mont Faber to Sentosa or vice versa as the view is spectacular.

3. Universal Studio Singapore - The latest and biggest attraction in Sentosa, Singapore. Need I say more....

4. Candilicious, Hershey & Garrett shops - To feed your craving and sweet tooth, those with kids; woe betide, your kids may get hyper active upon their visit here. Hhehehhe....

5. Night Safari - My thoughts - the cleanest and fun most night zoo I have ever been; but then again, not that I have been to that many!

6. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park - You can kill 3 birds with 1 stone, check out the Merlion and proceed to MBS Sky Park on top of the boat like hotel. Plus, you can check whats new in the theater world and probably catch a show (I heard Lion King was fantabulous).

7. Latern Festival in September - This is assuming they still run this and the showcase month doesn't shift. I honestly couldn't find a site that promotes this hence normally I randomly google for info. The trick is that it normally happens during Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival. And they'll change the theme yearly too thus it's a surprise every year not knowing what to expect. So far; I have been to 3. YEAY!

8. Chek Jawa - I myself have yet to set foot here but have been eyeing it for years. Anyone that have been here, do drop some tips, would highly appreciate it. More info on Wild Singapore site.

That's about it, there's many more...really. Will blog again on Things To Do In Singapore soon.... watch this space :)

Hyperlink credits : Zoo Singapore, Wild Singapore, Wikipedia


Unknown said...

FIRST!!! ahahahahhah

wow bestnye..boleh jadi reference utk next trip ke temasek!! tq lily.. :)

Ako Retna said...

Chek jawa??? Ermmm mcm menarik..awat kita x tau pasal this place eh? Gonna get some info too la abt it.

Bte belah mana tu ek this place?

Ely Hasrul said...

Na, pagi nyeeeee cissss aku pepagik dh dgr tv bunyik2 aka pak mentua aku tgk tv, bagus anak menantu belum bgn, alih2 menantu bgn pon dok dpn lappy hahaha.. eh melalut

beshnye lantern festival tuh. aku suka, kt sini kenkonon sambutan lantern sana sini tp xpenah plak aku jumpakk parade sebeso2 nye chiatt..

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

hah! tidakkkk

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

chek jawa??! first time tau tempat nih!!!! nak tanya cik google pasni.... nampak cam ada wetland, ada ke benda-benda lain yang best kat sini..... huuuuuu......

latern cam best je.... leh baling-baling limau lagi tak????

Ren said...

Lantern festivel tu macam cantik je!! Bestnya kalo dapat pi. Pastu jangan lupa check out every bridge connecting the parks kat tengah2 pekan singapore tau! gehhehehe

Lily Riani said...


i malas nak comment pepanjang... yg lain cari kat google ler...heheh or i leh explain. bab cost, i tak leh advice sbb if personal trip i dok ngan my fren the original maimon kat queestown, naik kete dia or if naik train; rege lain as it depending on where you stay.


plan tak sampai2 sbb ada season, kene gi bln brapa ntah for btr viewing etc, then if sunset lg lawa. means kene tito sana. its in pulau ubin.


lantern tuh besh, yg dah besau panjang pun giler excited. gamba tuh showing theme hello kitty ok!

Lily Riani said...


spore blk sampah, cari nahas? heheheh.... wetland depa, jom ler.


wetland mmg terhingin. bab bridge tuh, i rasa u mean Southern Ridges. check out this link... ckp kat adek, bising dia ajak sbb dekat sgt ngan opis i. mmg leh start dr opis i then end kat mount faber ke mana ntah. next time yek... i suka park walk nih... hobby.

Ren said...

Yes lily, dia start kat mount faber, namanya henderson bridge. Try la google.

khai said...

lily, chek jawa is really nice!!! seriously u should try and go there. i went there on the day u and other travelholics came to singapore i.e. sunday 5/2/12. kayuh beskal kat sana for 4 hours as in cycle around Pulau Ubin. here are some tips [details in my soon-to-be-updated blog post..hehehe]:

-naik mrt/bas sampai tampines
-dari tampines naik bas No. 29 ke changi village [last stop]
-naik bumboat di changi village jetty point [sgd 2.50/trip]
-sampai2 sana, ada banyak kedai basikal. from as low as sgd 2/day to sgd 16/day.
-pilih basikal medium range price is fine already but DO check properly the condition of the bicycle sbb i punya berapa kali rantai prob sebab gear ada masalah bila naik bukit
-before u go to chek jawa, cycle dulu around the mountain bike area, lalu tepi pantai and tepi mangrooves jungle
-oh, SUNBLOCK penting. i got sunburned
-jgn tinggal apa2 brg di basikal bile u park basikal kat chek jawa sebab nanti monyet kacau.
-bila sampai chek jawa, u lalu mangrooves boardwalk dlu. sebab bila lalu situ n see the nature, u jugak akan naik jejawi watchtower. so u akan penat.
-bile u penat, continue along the boardwalk n u akan lalu coastal boardwalk, so angin sgt kuat n pemandangan menarik. hilang penat td n peluh kat armpit juga akan kering. hehe

eh, terdetail jugak. haha. but seriously go to ubin next time. worth a visit. the only remaining real kampung life in SG. hee

Lily Riani said...


confirm I MESTI gi!


informative giler... thanks! appreciate sesangat. nnt i buat trip ke sana.... really THANKS!!!

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