Thursday, August 18, 2022

Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel in Rawang, Selangor

Initially I thought this is Templer’s Park being rebrand but NO, I was wrong. It is totally a different place (nearby of course) and much more family-friendly (and Lily-friendly too).

I was totally surprise at first, thinking that it is a camp site area in a ‘jungle’ and to my surprise it is a well equip camp and activity site. This experience was made possible and I owe it to Tourism Selangor when they launch the Resort Taman Eko RImba Komanwel recently.

And you must wonder, what makes this place interesting and different, right?

Designated Glamping Site
There are 3 areas whereby 2 are located by the lake and one is closer to the river (clear running river, worry not. There glamping site has own operator such as Crossover Outdoor and Lubar Camp where you can get hold of and book a tent depending on your crowd. They will prepare and set-up everything for you, you probably need to bring food and knick-knacks jer lah kot.

Build-your-own-tent Site
This one is located by the river itself (more mencabar if you ask me) but safe and convenient enough if you need a toilet of incase of heavy rain (boleh naik atas untuk berteduh).

Forest Cottage
This is a proper accommodation that caters for urban-friendly folks like moi yet nak acah-acah campaign sebab teringin. You will be staying in a comfortable room and can roam around doing outdoor activities within the park.

Little Wood Cottage
Chalet concept ie tiny cabin type of stay, suitable for single of double occupancy, especially those looking for a quick quiet back-to-nature kinda get-away. This is probably good as you won’t be sharing the whole building with strangers.

White Cottage
Ahhhhh… this is the best place to stay. It has 2 rooms and able to fit 6 people comfortably without maximising the sofabed (8 pax if you turn-over the sofa-bed lah). It has its own kitchem, dining area, TV, fully air-conditioned, living hall, veranda, Jacuzzi poll and many more. I personally stayed here and I don’t mind repeating.

Common toilet and shower (for campers)
One word – CLEAN! You don’t have to worry (this is true at the point of writing this blog post tau, lepas-lepas ni wallahualam).

2 cafes where I believe you can ask them to manage your breakfast at a nominal cost. Forest Café has nice nasi lemak and they also have cereal, bread and etc – very very simple breakfast (jangan lah mintak egg benedict bagai pulak).

This one is a great favourite for those that came during the launch and I believe everyone will also enjoy this ride. And yes yes yes, there’s a cost that ties to it.

You can rent a bike and cycling within this area. This is one of the easiest activities if you are here with teenage kids I feel

First time trying this, sumpah I suka giler. For those of you thinking to do this in KL city but find it dangerous then I recommend you to try it here, safer and controlled environment for first timer. You won’t regret it.

Apparently the lake is only knee deep so they say, so fret not guys. You can row and row plus the fact that it is small, the more reason you should not be worrying. Can even try this with you kids.

If you stay here (not available for day-tripper) then you are entitled to register and join the hike. As the hiking area is a private property (if not mistaken) hence public is not allowed thus making the jungle area more pristine.

Camping equipment for rent
You heard me right, alright. If you wanna build your own camp/tent but don’t have the necessary equipment then all you need to do is just rent. Don’t waste money to buy and later have no place to store, or even worst… you gonna use it that one time only. No no… rent is better.

As mentioned earlier there’s 2 cafes inside the park but my advice is to bring your own food/drinks, reason being the main gate closes at 9pm ie no one is allowed to go out nor come it after 9pm. Mati kutu kot nanti.

There is also open spaces for you to conduct activities or telematches as the place is suitable for teambuilding and family day event. Plus the fact that it is near KL (approximately an hour or so) makes it a great place for such event.

Do go and check it out.

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