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Istana Lemuni, Bentong Gallery & Lurah Bilut Museum – A rare findings

I always thought Bentong is a place where my Chinese friends go eat good food, where cyclists escape the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur and where one stops before heading to Genting (fun for some, sad for the rest [shopping and gambling]). Where I was brought during my 3days 2 nights stay in Bentong certainly caught me of guard (walhal dah bagi itinerary siap-siap, Nampak sangat tak research sungguh-sungguh kannnnn….).

So, let me chare with you my experience visiting these places.

Felda Lurah Bilut Museum

Many might not know that there’s a museum on Lurah Bilut, let alone the museum is under/managed by Felda. Me neither. Felda Lurah Bilut Museum used to be an old office belongs to Felda that was built in 1958 and later was renovated and transform to a museum in 2005.

The museum tells us the history of rubber and palm oil plantation, the birth of it and how the locals back that live, grow and make is what we are today. Aside from this, it also touches on Felda history in general. It showcased the journey of labourers, the tools they used, the house they lived as well as town they grew.

Aside from the above, I personally feel maintenance, up-keeping as well as better curation is much needed. Extensive repair work is required for the betterment of the locals, travellers and Felda as a whole.

Lurah Bilut Museum
Jalan FELDA Lembah Bilut
Lurah Bilut
Bentong, Pahang
Bentong Gallery

This is where I learn about Loke Yew. I for one has been hearing Jalan Loke Yew since forever but I never bothered to google on his contribution to the nation. I’m very sure he did, after there’s a road named after him. And, Bentong Gallery on Jalan Loke in Bentong educated me about him.

Bentong Gallery was a two lot 100-year-old shophouses that was served as Loke Yew’s office. Here, he founded Tong Shoon Company and make thos building his headquarter with aim to develop Bentong. History said that the British invited Loke Yew back in 1897 to grow the tin mining business, of course with the blessing of the DYMM Sultan of Pahang.

We were told that in 2017, the owner of the shophouses we renovated and converted into Bentong Gallery. The main objective is to educate the younger generation on the contributions of Bentong’s forefathers towards the development and growth of this beautiful town.  If you are ever in Bentong and have an hour to spend, do drop by.

Oh yah! They also sell the famous Bentong kicap here. YES! Apparently Bentong is famous for Bentong kicap… I bet ramai tak tau kannnn.

Bentong Gallery
No 17-18, Jalan Loke Yew
Bentong, Pahang
Istana Lemuni

Interesting story on a viraled restaurant.
The pro side : Now that everybody knows, it is full to the brim as many wanted to sample the food, experience the ambience and learn the houses’ architecture.
The con side :  Like I said earlier, it is full to a point that guest are required to make reservation and no walk-ins are allowed.

So, the question is on whether the food is yummeh and what type of food do they serves kan. Basically it is lauk melayu kampung ie the belado, the masak lemak, the nasi lemuni, the kerabu and many more. I was told that during fruit season, you can also enjoy fruits from their orchard.

As for the architecture… I love love love. I don’t even know where to begin, the houses were of Terengganu’s bangsawan of which the owner managed to obtain. The 3 units were meant as a family get-away home however the locals and passer-by were so curious that they kept peeping to want to see more, eventually due to persuasion by friends and acquaintances they purchased 2 more units that is now coverted into a balai for their restaurant.

There’s so much more for me to tell, infact I think Istana Lemuni deserves a blog post on its own. And I will write on it more… but mebbe later.

Istana Lemuni
Lot 9756, Kg Chemperoh
Kampung Janda Baik
Bentong, Pahang

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