Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bilut Extreme Park 2022 – NEW and IMPROVE

Those of you that have been following my blog would realised that I LOVE ATV ride. This is one of the best.

First of all, the ride was at the oil palm plantation, proper rugged road paved for us, secondly, it was a 30 mins ride (wish wish wish it was for an hour). It took us uphill and downhill, and last but not least; we rode to the highest point (or at least that was what I thought at that point of time) and get to see the whole plantation area (rasa macam nak jerit, tanah ni aku punya!!! Not). Oh yah! The best part we rode across the stream. I would love for it to be river but it is too shallow to be called one, well, it’s good enough for me.

Yup! That was the new route I tried, this versus the first time I visited this place half a decade ago… this time around (the new route I mean) is definitely the bestest. I also learnt that they have the whole range of ATV, from the smallest when ATV first started – 1st generation, 2nd generation is the 150cc, then the 250cc. And the biggest is the 500cc, more sturdy and obviously bigger – bawak pun lagi best.

My ATV ride vide : https://bit.ly/3doJV6p

I am obsess with riding the ATV in the stream, konon-konon rugged lagi macho gitew. Lepas tuh I sungai tuh terpercik-percik… rasa gempak sesangatkan. Hakikat nya… anak sungai tuh mengalir manja jer. Otak I yang overthinking, as usual.

NEW ATV route going thru stream bagai - video HERE. https://bit.ly/3doJV6p

I tried archery the last time I visited, so I skip this. Done paintball shooting before as well so – skipped! BUT I wanted to try archery tag and human ball but we did not manage to as we were running out of time (dang!)… kena repeat ni. But but but…. Do you know why I wanted to try archery tag? 2 words : Katniss Everdeen.

Aside from that, sukan memanah  adalah sunnah yang dituntut kepada umat Islam untuk mempelajarinya, selain berenang dan menunggang kuda. Dengar tuh sohabat-sohabat ku sekalian…

My suggestion if you plan to do a 2D1N or 3D2N around Bentong/Raub is, that you can stay at Bilut Hill Resort and spend half a day at Bilut Extreme Park. The resort can assist you with the arrangement I believe, alternatively you can also book directly with them. I think its value for money, and a good way to support local.

JOM lah! 2 jam jer…

Bilut Extreme Park
Lot 6776 Jalan Bilut-Raub
Lurah Bilut, Bentong
My ATV ride vide : https://bit.ly/3doJV6p

Let’s Go Fruits & Farm Treasure 2022 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Malaysia Wilayah Timur in partnership with all its sponsors.
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