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Farm Stay & Activities around Bentong, Pahang

For locals and traveller/tourist visiting Malaysia, if you are game in finding our or experiencing farm stay or activities in Malaysia (psst… its only 2 hours from KL), the you’ve come to the right place (read : blog post). I gonna with you my recent experience spending my weekend checking our farm activities and accommodations around Bentong.

1. Bentong Farm

I was informed that they are building a camp site on top of the hill. Not glamping tau, camping minus all the glams staff lah ofcourse. However, I have a feeling it will be super hot… be weary on the weather and have the right expectation if you plan to camp here. Panas lit-lit tauuuuu.

BUUUUUUUUT, their farm animal is the best so far. BEST BEST BEST! This is one place that I highly encourage you to come over the weekend. They have hedgehog… I wanted a pic with it but I am so scared of it quills. Do you know that the hedgehog cannot shoot its quills to defend itself. Then of course I ran towards the llama and alpaca. Both animals are part of the camel family - Camelidae. Llamas are larger than alpaca, and of course Alpacas have cuter with blunt nose. They also brought me to check out a…. WHITE CROW. Apparently, it is an albino crow – very rare indeed.

2. Bilut Hill Resort

Bilut Hill Resort where one need to drive into palm oil plantation and go further uphill (honestly this scares me abit, perhaps because I rarely get to drive up hill up up up kan or maybe because I am gayat too kot). And when you approach the hill, the view was heavenly, they say you get to see carpet of clouds at sunrise… this certain got us excited.

Aside from staying on top of a hill overlooking the plantation field, there are also rabbit petting area as well fruit orchard around the area. It gave the experience of staying above the carpet of clouds where you can also pet some rabbits, pluck some fruits and ride on an ATV. Did I tell you their room is super best?

Well, if you wanna check the room, go to my blog and I wrote the whole story about them HERE.

3. Bidaisari

This place is heavenly. Everything is perfect… this place is suitable for family day, friends get-together, teambuilding, offsite workshop/bootcamp and even wedding. Kid you not! The rooms are all overlooking the plantation, proper toilet/running water, air-conditioned, clean (haruslah kan), siap ada swimming pool lagi.

Open spaces, plenty of rooms, halls. Horse-riding, fir farm (buah tin), deer park and many more. They also have ATV ride and hiking for those that is really into outdoor. Else you can just chill and bask by the pool, cause the weather here is chilly with rays of sun (gitewww).

You can check out my video review HERE.

4. Sempat T-Farm

Have you heard of the ever so famous Bentong ginger (halia Bentong) that is spicy, tasty and smells nice (I memang suka halia), well…. This is the place.

Here at Sempah T-Farm, you can to understand why and what made Bentong Ginger so famous, how to plant and how to care for it. Not only that, they also demonstrate how to make that delicious ginger drink that we often drink after the spa session. I drank 4 glasses hokkay (punya lah sedap).

They also have camp site where need to bring you tent and food, they’ll provide you kitchen and simple breakfast. You will relive your childhood (depending of your age) cause here you can learn those old (plant) games that our parents played when they were young. A 2D1N stay will be perfect here, plus the air is so nice.

That’s all that I managed to cover during my trip in Bentong. So, what are you waiting for… plan a trip to Bentong!

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