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Bilut Hill Resort | Above the Carpet of Clouds

Places to visit in Bentong
1. Bentong Farm
2. Bilut Extreme Park

OK! I have ALWAYS wanted to experience farm stay, and baru tau kat Raub-Pahang pun ada rupanya. Well, not actually a farm stay cause I did not manage to milk the cow nor kutip telur ayam of that sort lah but it was a stay in an orchard with petting zoo and nature. Kira aci lah kan…

The place is Bilut Hill Resort where one need to drive into palm oil plantation and go further uphill (honestly this scares me abit, perhaps because I rarely get to drive up hill up up up kan or maybe because I am gayat too kot. And when you approach the hill, the view was heavenly, they say you get to see carpet of clouds at sunrise… this certain got us excited.

As this is a small locally own resort, everything is managed casually and simply so do set your expectation right, with regards to the speed and service. Plus the fact that it is located on a hill hence give them some time to run up and down to fetch something (or anything for that matter). Oh! And another thing, all your rooms is located further up this hill, hahahhahaha….. bertabah lah naik dengan bag besar. BUT worry not, there is a free buggy service to bring you and your luggage up. OK… lap peluh panic tuh. Ahak.

I learnt that there is a few room category as well as a few type of room (eh, ada beza ke?). Basically, what I mean for room category are : twin sharing, deluxe so on and so forth. As for room type : dome type, all glass walled (kid you not, this room has no bathroom), Greek Island concept, rumah kampung style and many more. Not sure whether you get to choose or no but no harm asking when you do the booking. And I got the Greek Island concept – macam tau-tau pulak I have been to Santorini kaaaan….

If you are wondering how the rooms condition is – it comes proper toilet/running water (except from the all glass walled toom, air-conditioned, clean (haruslah kan), siap ada swimming pool lagi (common pool). To me, this is a great place for weekend gathering with friends, family outing or self-recuperating time. Whatever rocks your boat baby!

If you are wondering what activities you can do here or the facilities they have at Bilut Hill Resort, well then…. Feast your eyes :

🏢 32 accommodation rooms
🎶 FREE KTV (karaoke) room
🏊‍ Infinity pool
🎱 Snooker area
🎯 Archery

🐇 Rabbit petting area
🍍 Fruit orchard
🏕️ Hiking for sunrise
🛴 Collab with Bilut Extreme Park
My video review :

Oh yah! Those that followed me on my IG would have known that I signed up for a 30mins hiking trip to catch the sunrise, and yah…. I slept in. Tidur itu lebih indah orang kata. Keh keh keh… Because it was raining the night before so no ‘eye yolk sun’ for them to see. Cian….

And for those who love outdoor activities, I believe they have ATV ride here as well, alternatively you can get the resort to arrange for you to enjoy half a day at Bilut Extreme Park. You won’t regret this.

Plan lah… since it is only 2 hours away from KL kan.

Bilut Hill Resort
Bilut Hills PT59
Raub, Pahang
My video review :

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