Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 1a | Missed AA Flight, Repurchase Sri Lankan Airlines

Never in my entire life have I miss a flight; almost miss a flight - maybe, but missed a flight? This is the first.

The story started like this.
I was at the gate 30mins before flight time (Cutting it too close, I know!) and there wasn't anyone at the gate counter. Silly me thought there was a flight delay etc etc thus I wandered near the escalator (near Gate T8) yet keeping an eye at the gate (No! I wasn't shopping, there just wasn't any nice seats in front). But it didn't feel right somehow, hence I walked to the counter and it stated close. Eh! How come there's no one manning the counter and technically I am still within the time allocated (I should have been 45 mins early, I admit, my bad; but still!!!).

Approached a lady at the next counter, she wasn't that keen to help, but she walkie-talkied the pilot dutifully. The pilot said the door have closed. Not satisfied, I went to a senior employee, she tried and failed too as the pilot said the plane is moving out of the bay pulak (Airport term kot kan. Am not that familiar but I assume they meant moving from parking lar - layman).

A younger guy approaches after hearing and seeing the commotion and said he will try to help (budak nih bersungguh tolong), but he too failed and I panicly asked how about my luggage on the plane (do take note that this whole ordeal took approximately 10mins or so). At this time, it's 10mins before the actual take off time (take off time was at 6:15am), guess what??? The pilot (Or whoever on the other side) said the luggage have been taken out?!? Strange, shouldn't the flight be delayed another 20mins in order for them to remove my luggage? How did they removed my bag yet moving out of the bay concurrently? Weird right?

Well, luckily I was on cheery mood (You wouldn't want to see me when I am upset!) so check I did on Malaysian Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines.

YES!!! Sri Lanka Airlines have 2 flights daily, and their first fight was at 9am. Apalagi, took a cab and dash to KLIA pronto ler! The rest is history! By the way, MAS only have 3 flights a week.

Still thinking should I complain and get my money back from Air Asia? Hem....

Standard procedure, we have to fill up the arrival card etc. Simple and easy peasy.

Easy right?! 

Here's the thing, upon clearing with the immigration and collecting my luggage, I start to walk towards the arrival hall to look for the tour agent. Normally we see perfume, toiletries, ciggerates, alcahol, junk food being sold outside right? But in Sri Lanka, then have... ta daaa....

* Yup! For convenient - get a chauffeur guide

What I saw was.... hemm... a total surprise! Electrical appliances; not radio, iPad, PC, or even blender. BUT WASHING MACHINE, TV, STOVE, FRIDGE etc etc... apa hal, touch down nak shopping and beli barang nih! Hahhahahha..... first time experiencing this in my life.

Not one shop yah, few shops selling of the same.

They do have the standard stuff of course... Hehheh... 

The airport is currently under renovation, having said that the locals are very orderly. Perhaps because the arrival time was 7:15am hence the crowd haven't started? Anyway, the country is very safe, not to worry for first time traveler to Sri Lanka.

Oh yah! I suggest that you get your stamps at the airport (outside). Very convenient for those folks that plan to send me a postcard! *Hint* Hhahahahha...


Unknown said...

mesin basuh pun ada jual kt epot hahahah! nasib xde jual ayam lembu semua, kalau tak dh jadi cam hyper market kot hahaha...

Tertingal flight memang kenangan manis sgt! kekekek

Adam bin Ahmad said...

Jangan main main masa dengan Airasia. Hehehe.

Seriously, diorang punya plane utilizition gila gila, compared to other airlines, turnaround time pun pendek, makin cepat, makin banyak flight dorang boleh buat, hence make money.

Rasanya dia tak bagi masuk sebab kalau dia berhenti, dan taxi balik pergi apron, akan delay dan makan masa. mungkin dia tak nak delay kan orang lain for next next flight of the day kot.

luggage dia tak bawak naik kalau time dekat boarding gate orang tak naik. kot.

tapi pelik, sepatutnya 20 minutes before departure baru boarding gate tutup, awal pulak dia tutup.

Not a company man, just my 2cents. lol

Biqque said...

i tak pernah dan tanak pun miss my flight :D bleh? aminnnn!

mak aih washer? tarikan sri lanka kah sampai terpaksa jual kat epot? hahahaha! menarik! nak beli satu la nanti, yg front loading tu. patu nak sambar satu dryer hahahaha!

Ren said...


Anash said...

sri langka...
tak pernah sampai
nyaris nak sampai
tapi again
tak pernah sampai

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

hurmmm kalau nak wat bisnis dobi mesti tak laku kat sini sebab orang boleh beli terus mesin! cissss

shah_rule said...

wah tak tau plak u ade trip ke sri lanka.. wah wah wah camtuh je beli tiket flight cam beli tiket bas?? haha mesti rabak jugak poket kan..
how was sri lanka airline? ok? i wonder if i can take it one day connecting colombo to maldives..

situation after immigration quite rare~ hahaha

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