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Day 1b | Things To Do In Taiping - Matang Mangrove, Kuala Sepetang (Part 2)

You can read : Day 1 | Things To Do In Taiping - Taiping Lake Garden (Part 1) HERE.

It was a long day as we have 4 destinations to be covered and discovered not to mention that when travelblogger cum photographer goes on a trip; it tends to be slightly longer than usual. As earlier itinerary shared, our next destination is a place none of us heard before even for Biqque (kata nye orang local, hehehee...).

Day 1
Late Morning - Depart from KL (breakfast in Santai, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, they have the tastiest Laksa Johor)
Noon - Stop in Tapah (Janggel's home) for lunch (Janggel's mom cooks the yummiest dish)
Afternoon - Arrive Taiping Lake for photo shot
Late Noon - Visit Matang Mangrove at Kuala Sepetang (snacking at Mak Jah delicious Mee Udang)
Evening - Check-in into Mesra Home Stay
Night - Dinner at Pak Ian Sate

Well, we didn't know what to expect of Matang Mangrove at first, thinking that it is going to be huge and full of leeches (my ultimate weakness) plus arriving at 6pm definitely doesn't help (mosquitoes!). You might be wondering 'mangove at 6pm??!?!' right? Well, we wanted to take pics of sunset.... kononnye lah.

Anyway, we were wrong; the mangrove perimeter was small nor were there any leeches (I was panic for no reason). We took a stroll on the red wooden boardwalk and found out that there were chalets for rent for nature lovers. The area can be covered in 15-20 mins on foot provided you don't stop here & there to take pics. 

Just when we were about to reach the end, Biqque's niece (Atirah kan?) said that we should go to the opposite way to catch the sunset by the river (pulak...), we rushed over to get a good spot which is kinda silly as we were about the only people there aside for the wedding group.

Aaah... the wedding group! We saw a wedding couple doing their wedding shots. Being a self-proclaimed-semi-expert-photographer us lot (mode perasan yang overst), we were b****ing commenting that they should have done this, they should have done that and they shouldn't have done this, they shouldn't have done that (we all lak yang pepandai). Anyway, we waited patiently and gave them fake encouraging smile as we wanted to be on that floating platform for sunset... (tertele-tele lak).

While waiting for them on the jetty, Kak Coco Chanel tetiba fefeeling... apa pulak kena ni... ish...

As you can see, we were still waiting (KCC nangis sebab tunggu lama kot kan....???). By the way, Selamat Pengantin Baru! Sorry kami bising.

Alas..... the platform is our's!! Woo hooo!!!.... Byya our demure prop for the day were forced to do all kind of pose except jumping into the water (awat kite tak suruh yek?!?!?)

Then, there was Janggel; my new prop (sebenarnye dok kecek dia so that dia tangkap gambo I banyak dari si John tuh).

Another one.... (ampu overst!!!) 

Everyone took their position in order to capture the best shots of the sunset. Yeah! We are so full of dramas. 

Not to forget Chawanna THE couple. Errrk.... Tangkap gambar sunset ler, bukan si Na tuh. Salah subject matter nih. 

Meow? Ngaum? (Yet maintain comel???!! Confuse I) 

Hemm... The sun took a long while to set apparently. 

Dia buat lagi skali dah pulak.... lupa makan med kot. 

One for the road!


After hours spent at Matang Mangrove, we adjourn to Mak Jah Mee Udang - a popular diner among the locals apparently. Thus, we thought we should give it a try too, the menu and price?

On the higher side huh...! But it was worth it. Why? Check out the serving below... 

Huge prawn! Not 3, not 4, nor 5... but... erk alot lah. (Check out the background - Biqque & hubby terliuq gamaknye)

(Macam tak cukup makan jek we all) we continued with Satay Pak Ian for supper (Biqque's dad). 

 Popular kejap Pak Ian kite nih.

Biqque and her dad... great teamwork.

Mind you, the pic above is not the total satay we've ate BUT the total of satay John ALONE ate. 44 sticks!


Adam bin Ahmad said...


Ren said...

Omaiii banyaknya gambar I hehehe. Terglemer la lepasni!

Gambar lidi satey 44 cucuk tu ibarat 44 hari 44 malam! ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ "̮ legend sangat!

Cawan said...

wow penuh drama! seronok nye..

please sambung cerita lagiiii!!

Chawanna said...

Huh part 2? mana part 1 cik maimon oiii? Bestnye kenangan silam..cewahhhhhhh.. nak lagi! nak lagi!!

Biqque said...

i miss my dadddddddddddd!

mcm best jer raya ni buat bakar satey hahaha! bertuah badan! kalo tak, kita bakar unggun api je kat redang ok hahahaha!

Anash said...

i nanges? sooo drama...
padahal tuh tengah nak main sorok2,kan?
but pics are everywhere here in this entry...goshhh...dah terlebih expose nih....

ps: why word verification : yona?

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