Thursday, June 21, 2012

Event | Around The World In 3 Hours - Invite (Part 1)

Our "stamps"

My auntie moved back to her old house about 1 month ago which means her big lawn is available again for family activities. So, my nieces suggested we should have a family party and I willingly offered my birthday to be the 'excuse' (memang excuse nak attention). My cousin came out with the idea of using my traveling hobby/passion as the theme, and we came out with - Around The World In 3 Hours.

My auntie suggested that we should do kenduri sambut puasa & kuliah agama on the same day after Isyak; killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Well, this is even better right!

My nieces helped with writing/pasting the stamps on the invite (deligation!).

My nieces and I start working on the invites, list and decor ideas immediately. My main job would be preparing the games and cousin's scope would be the food (her passion).

Attire : Shirt representing a country (macam #travelholicawesome USS trip lak)

The ready card, "by hand" delivery (teringat Icam).

So far we nailed down the food which suppose to represent country of origin (keeping it simple, light & easy of course). Below are the tentative food list, it is still fluid at this point of time.

Main course
  • Malaysia - Nasi Lemak bungkus (note the 'bungkus', classic tak?!?!)
  • Indonesia - Gado-Gado

Finger food (with little country flag on it)
  • America - Hotdogs
  • Mexico - Chips & salsa sauce
  • China - Dim Sum

Hemmm... weird combo, I know. Kinda ran out of ideas as I got tied up with work this past 2 weeks. So, if you guys have any brilliant idea(s) on games/food/decor or anything, drop me a comment yah. I will forever be grateful.


Unknown said...

Aqilah kata tak leh kasi idea dia, nanti uni lily tiru!!! :))

p/s: jgn lupe update gambo!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Japan - Sushi
Korea - Kimchi
Singapore - Fried Meehun
Thailand - Some main dishes with tom yam flavour

Hehehe..Eventhough I was not invited, but I really love your idea.

Biqque said...

Bizzare food brani? Hahaha! Kena jemput Andrew Zimmern la buat cover story :D

Anash said...

me not event manager
nak drop komen pun....tatau
tappi bab makan....
i agreed with biqque..
(sapa Andrew itu?*tetiba)

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