Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 1c | Sri Lanka Beedi Cigarette & Giritale Sunset

Local cottage industry - Beedi Cigarette making.

This is the part that made me respect the Sri Lankan; not the Beedi smokers, no! no!

I ask the guide on whether the locals smoke heavily and what are the percentage between male & female smokers. His answer was "Very small percentage of smokers". Hemm.... Next question asked was, can you smoke anywhere and what is the guideline (At one point the guide felt like being interviewed by a reporter! Hhahahaha....). His answer surprises me "You are not allowed to smoke in public area", obviously I ask him to define 'public area'. "Bus stop, buildings, while walking, in the car, everywhere basically. You can only smoke at designated areas". WHAT?????? Basically you can't smoke in whole of Sri Lanka (Biqque, Shahrul kena training tahan tak smoke nih), how cool is that! That explained why the country is clean especially outside of Colombo. Like WOW!!!!

Older generation making Beedi cigarettes.

From Wikipedia:

A beedi is a thin, Indian cigarette filled with tobacco flake and wrapped in a tendu leaf tied with a string at one end.

We then head down to Giritale and reach there just about sunset.

Makes you wonder the place I chose to stay right? In the middle of nowhere.

Well, you just need to wait for my next entry to find out. 
This beautiful hotel and scenery is simply AWESOME!

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia


masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

rokok daun! terai dak??? hahahaha

Unknown said...

xde beli sikit ke? leh isap ramai2 kt redang? gempak sialllllll hahahah

Vi said...

I just came back from Sri Lanka and just now learned about these cigarettes. May be because I don't smoke :)

Azian Elias said...

beautiful sunset.

Biqque said...

we were very well trained at japan. u tau kan japan tak leh smoking merata? menggigil la cari port hahaha!

tahnyer, tak beli skit bawak blk ke? leh layan kat redang bak kata na hahahahaha!

Anash said...

amat eco-frenly

Zara~AB said...

Last year, me and hubby thought of going to Sri Lanka. Heard from a friends of us saying that it's safe there. But we end buying ticket to Cambodia. Insya Allah, Sri Lanka next. Who knows? Hehe.

Sandy said...

Awesome sunset pictures. Interesting that they make the cigarettes sitting there out in the open, but have a low percentage of smokers? Who buys them if they don't smoke them?

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