Monday, June 4, 2012

Kembara Prihatin - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Word

I recently visited Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Kembara Prihatin mission (Caring Mission - literally translated) and have teaser blogged it, you can read it here. As mentioned, the objective was to extend help to the orphanage and less fortunate Muslim in remote areas of Phnom Penh, the activities involved were :

1. Medical camp
2. Mosque restoration
3. Sewing classes
4. Solat classes
5. Building of water well and pipes
Last week, I finally get to see for myself how they live and their daily environment. Thus, I would like to share with everyone what I saw and experienced. 
The pictures speaks for itself.

First view/impression of the site

The well built, but the water quality is still bad

Restoring the mosque

Painting the mosque exterior

View from rest area
Kids playing football during break time

View from main building

Government primary school, built during Pol Pot reign

The government school's canteen

Small village shop (sugar was RM14 / USD4.50 per half a kilo)

Locales were taught to sew telekung (prayer robe)

Young kids walking around village
Workshop area donated by Pergerakan Puteri Islam Malaysia

 An old & frail father feeding his special need son his lunch

The well being use for all purpose

Lunch being prepared by locales & Puteri Islam
Puteri Islam "chef" cooking Daging Kawah
Teaching the kids on colours & numbers in English via a simple game

The ablution area, the well share the same water fate

Modern well with water pump

Medical camp

Primary kids being taught simple and basic English
The school where we serviced and helped

Next entry I will share pictures of the floating village by Mekong River and the condition they have to live in.

A true reflection of life.


Ren said...

Mahalnya gula!

Biqque said...

sedih tgk air dia...sob sob...

Cawan said...

lupa nk pesan utk u bukak donation box aritu.. atleast bleh kumpul2 sedikit dana.. maybe next time.. and travelholicawesome bleh join ramai2? like!!

rayyan haries said...

Lily, camna nak join ni???? I've been wanting to do this all along.... Sad condition...sob...sob

Anash said...

yeap. agreed with cawan best itu
the water condition was really bad...
i wish to contruct the pipeline there...if i were the bos of 'abcdefg' company...

just.HY said...

salam sejahtera...marilah kita sama2 buat hashtag #ElySuhaili

Unknown said...

Daif. Ni kalau tak insaf lagi kite2 nih..xtau la nk kata apa huhuhu

Asfan Ash said...

ALhamdulillah. RESPECT LEVEL: OVER 90000+

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

gula patblas ringgit baru dapat 1/2 kg????? pitam kering tak merasa diorang nak merasa kemanisan makanan... kita makan gula berlebih-lebih sampai datang penyakit kat sini... #insaf

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