Friday, June 1, 2012

Teaser | First Impression - Caring Mission (Kembara Prihatin)

Sek Village or Kampung Sek in Kampot Province where he headed on our Kembara Prihatin mission.

The volunteer workers, mainly school teachers all over Malaysia lending a hand; teaching the village kids basic Malay, English and Mathematics.

The government public school condition.

A well in the village sponsored and helped by Multimedia University, Malaysia.

The water they use for ablution, I pray hard I am wrong on this.

Let's count our blessing.


Jard The Great said...

erk!! kotornya air!! is it rain water?

Unknown said...

Teringin plak rasanya nk involve masuk aktiviti mcm ni..if ada lagi bgtau la yek, kalau masa & $$ mengizinkan..leh la Chawanna join..

Biqque said...

ya me too, teringin gak nak buat kembara prihatin :) rasa cam nak ajak bebudak tu main game!

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