Monday, June 11, 2012

Food | Sambal Hijau in Kg. Sg. Penchala

OK! OK! OK! I am not a food blogger, furthermore my shot on food is so fugly. Hate it! (not the food, but the pic skill [as if I have great photo skill pulak... ek ellla...]). Since one of my objective of being a travel blogger is to blog about my travel, I feel I should also blog on my own country Malaysia and promote #TourismMalaysia. Here goes...

I have been twitting on this place that I frequent so many a time, in fact; sometimes I had lunch here 2-3 times in a week. (Giler apa...). I know many of you may have known this place since like forever too but some or/and most of my friends are yet to discover this gem. Thus, I think; it's my duty to spread the news to the locals as well.

There were a couple of times during my trips I saw tourist having their lunch here. Of course the locals brought them over and judging from the way they eat; they definitely fell in love with #MalaysianFood if not #Malayfood. Well, I can only say this - Malaysia is definitely a heaven for food for the tourist; that's for sure.

One time that I was here alone (yeah! I do that sometimes), the neighbouring table will ask where I am from, the moment I say down town Kuala Lumpur, they were surprise that I drove all the way here. And when I asked them in return, some were from Ipoh, Perak even. The love for food to us Malaysian, certainly have no boundaries.

And be prepared, the crowd starts from 11:30am on weekends, so be here super duper early if you do not like to queue for table. You heard me queue for table!

I bet you want to know why, right? Here's why (base on my experience) :

Ikan bakar or burn fish!
Heehehehe.... literally translated. It's grill fish as you can guess. It's cook to perfection according to my taste bud of course.

Choices and choices and more choices. Malaysian are spoiled for choices of food/dish. If you arrive at 11ish, its still steaming hot. The taste obviously to my liking (and I am a fussy lot).

Kerabu pucuk paku. Honestly I don't know how to translate this dish in English. HELP!!!!
Its my favourite to date. Yeah, my favourite food changes accordingly to my mood. Hhaahha....

My choice of dish today. YUMMY! By the way, the gravy is actually gulai lemak masak tempoyak.

One of my favourite dessert - Bubur Sumsum. Hope I spelled correctly.

My latest crave, a must try. Should buy a few and take it during my travel.

Perfect lunch with leychee tea drink.

Address :  
Jalan Sungai Penchala
Kampung Sungai Penchala
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Google map HERE.


MasZuber said...

Oh maiiiiii fooooooooooDddddddd

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

burn fish????? #OhMyEnglish!!! opssss silap bukan twitter.... hahaha

Sg. Penchala??? Jom!!!

Cawan said...

lily nice entry, bleh terjah bila i merempit kawasan ni..

menaikkan selera i! nk cari ikan trbakar pleaseeee..

just.HY said...

kek dejavu tu sedap ke? i mcm teringin nak try...hehehe

Anonymous said...

I'm there every few weeks !! Kalau tak makan situ pun I would tapau the lauk ! Masak lemak dia sedap..they have so many types of masak lemak !

Btw, The Star covered Sambal Hijau last week but the writer said the food was so-so !@#@!!! Think there was something wrong with his taste bud ! Kalau tak, why is the place jam-packed even at 11 am ??!

Unknown said...

Ya Allah, mengancam nye rupa2 makanan tu smua..Cawan jom kite dating kt sini minggu depan..ajak geng #travelholicawesome seantera join skali? nak tak???

Syigim said...

baru makan kat situ lunch tadi. ikan keli bakar my fav! cantiknya gamba2....u captured the food perfectly..


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